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The Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate

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The Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate prepares educators to teach and improve online courses using the Sloan-C pillars of quality in online education—learning effectiveness, scale, faculty and student satisfaction, and access. A unique feature of the certificate program is that expert mentors work individually with each certificate candidate to accomplish specific goals. The certificate consists of a 9-week foundation course and three electives or learning specializations that focus on improving overall competency within a specific area of academic focus. The workshops in each specialization are structured to encourage skill development and practical application within the participants' specific job function. Upon completing the 9-week foundation course, individuals can select 3 individual electives, one specialization, or multiple specializations that best suit professional development objectives.

  • Prerequisite: To register for the Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate you must either already have taught online  OR you can take the Sloan-C workshop "New to Online: The Essentials"   Please note that New to Online: The Essentials will not count as an elective.

Participants achieve a Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate by completing the foundation course and their 3 chosen electives. Specializations will be cited on the candidate’s certificate of completion.


Pricing Information

You have two purchase options for the Certificate Program. 

  • Option 1: Foundation Course +3 Elective Workshops Package. The price for this option is $1849.  This price includes the cost of the foundation course and the three electives. With this option, no membership discounts or college pass coupons can be used. 
  • Option 2: Foundation Course Only. The price for this option is $1499 for the cost of the foundation course and no membership discounts or college pass coupons can be used.  The three electives are purchased separately and may be funded by coupons available through Sloan-C membership discounts and the Sloan-C College Pass professional development package.


Program Objectives 
The program objectives enable participants to: 1) leverage their background and proficiencies as educators, administrators, and institutional leaders to become highly effective in the principles and practices of asynchronous instruction, 2) integrate Sloan-C‘s research-based, conceptual and theoretical foundations relating to learning theory and assessment to compliment and personalize their online classroom, and 3) capitalize on their potential as innovators in the field of online education by being challenged to create high quality work products which will be assessed by the program facilitators and their peers.

Program Benefits

  • Opportunity to work with and learn from recognized experts in the field.
  • Actionable feedback for immediate application.
  • Enhancement of existing instructional design and planning strategies.
  • Collaboration with peers from a variety of institutions and disciplines.
  • Creation of personal online portfolio.

Program Structure

The certificate is composed of one foundation course and 3 elective courses.

The 9-week foundation course is an intensive, collaborative practicum. Participants explore an array of topics, develop strategies to build their online courses, and give and receive peer reviews. Working in teams with mentors who will provide one-on-one coaching, participants demonstrate their mastery of the basic elements of online courses: planning the course, understanding role adjustment, organizing the course, incorporating the advantages of online communications, and applying the pedagogical principles that create purposeful learning communities. The typical foundation course is structured as follows:

  1. Week One: Introductions
    • Understand the structure and requirements of this course and the OTC program
    • Get acquainted with the other learners, your mentor, and the facilitator
  2.  Week Two: Quality Online Courses and Teaching
    • Define what is meant by quality online courses or online teaching
    • Identify some key characteristics of quality online courses or teaching
    • Apply the rubrics to your own course development or teaching practices in order to identify your strengths and learning needs
  3. Week Three: The Syllabus and Schedule
    • Identify the elements of an effective online syllabus/schedule
    • Develop an effective online syllabus/schedule
  4. Week Four: Online Learning Communities
    • Gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of learning communities in the online course
    • Apply the concepts of presence and student-student, student-content, and student-instructor interactions to your online teaching/course development practices
    • Understand the connection between online discussions, presence, and interactions and apply that understanding toward the development of effective asynchronous discussions
  5. Week Five: Emerging Technologies
    • Develop an awareness of Web 2.0 tools and their uses
    • Describe how to effectively supplement your courses with Web 2.0 technologies
    • Appreciate the impact emerging technologies have on learner satisfaction, engagement, and learning outcomes.
  6. Week Six: Assessment and Evaluation
    • Discuss the role of assessment and evaluation in learning, teaching, and course development
    • Appreciate the different types of assessments you can do online
    • Develop an effective learning activity and assessment rubric for use in your course
  7. Week Seven: ADA, Usability, & Copyright
    • Apply concepts of usability and copyright in your course
  8. Week Eight: Workload Management
    • Discuss faculty workload issues
    • Develop strategies to manage workload
  9. Week Nine: Wrap Up & Next Steps

Electives Information

Almost every Sloan-C workshop can serve as an elective for your program.  When you are choosing your electives, you should first decide if you want to specialize or not. 

  • If you do not want to specialize, you can select any three workshops to meet your electives requirements.
    • Note: New to Online: The Essentials will not count towards your electives.
  • If you do want to specialize, you should select your workshop electives from the same track.  Workshops are categorized into tracks based on their topics and goals. If you take three workshops from one track, then you are specializing in that track and this specialization will appear on your certificate when you successfully complete the program.  Currently, you can specialize in  Online Design, Online Learners, Online Tools, and Online Management.   
    • Note: There is another track, Online Trends, but you can't specialize in that track.
    • Note:  The workshop New to Online: The Essentials will not count toward your electives.     
  • If you want to specialize in Blended Learning or Mobile Learning,  you will want to register for the Blended Learning Mastery Series or the Mobile Learning Mastery Series.  If you choose this option, you must use pricing option 2 (above) and register/pay for the Foundation Course Only  and then pay separately for either of the two mastery series options.




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