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Jul 2016


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Virtual Teams: How to get Them to Work Effectively- By Compliance Global Inc.

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Virtual team is the new reality of 21st century workplace. Owing to the increasing competition in the marketplace, decentralization and globalization of work processes and advances in information and communication technologies, companies, to remain competitive, require flexibility and agility in their delivery of products and services.

Virtual strategyplays a key role to meet these demands. Also these companies are adopting the virtual team approach to reduce their operating costs, encourage knowledge sharing among their employees to promote organizational learning and expand their business hours to 24/7.

Why Should You Attend:

Many companies recycle the same guidelines and best practices they use for their co-located teams and hope for the best. That just doesn't work. Virtual teams and face-to-face teams are the proverbial 'apples and oranges' – and leaders who recognize this fact are the ones whose teams succeed. Virtual teams regularly fall victim to four pitfalls:

Lack of clear goals, direction, or priorities – Because it is tougher to communicate with team members who are geographically dispersed, it is often difficult to keep all team members focused on promoting engagement, especially over time.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

The focus of this webinar is to help companies maximize their investment in virtual teams as well as helps leaders enhance their effectiveness in leading virtual teams.

Identify the nine critical success factors for virtual teams to get a higher ROI on their products and services
Review the four dimensional model of virtual team companies: purpose, people, link, time
Do a reality check: The five advantages and three disadvantages of virtual team employees

Learning Objectives:

Understand and put into practice the three leadership styles essential for virtual team success
Discover how to manage the social isolation in virtual team; dealing with out of sight out of mind challenge
Identify seven critical competencies of virtual team members beyond just good technical and communication skills
Learn to set up a virtual team- answering two critical questions: What do we want to accomplish? How do we do it?

Who Will Benefit:

Human Resource Professionals
Business Leaders
Management Teams in all industries

Speaker Profile:

Marcia Zidle is board certified executive coach based in Dallas Texas. Marcia Zidle, The Smart Moves Coach, helps companies target and implement their elephants – the highest pay-off activities – that will produce the results they want. In In other words, she works with business leaders and their teams to get on the right track, stay on the right track, and avoid getting side tracked in their drive for high performance – high profitability – high purpose

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