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Oct 2015


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Webinar on How to Compete on Value in a Low-Bid Environment

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In today's hypercompetitive marketplace, contractors must compete based on value. Daniel Pink wrote in A Whole New Mind, "For business, it's no longer enough to create a product that's reasonably priced and adequately functional.” To address the challenge described by Pink, contractors must participate in the construction process from the earliest possible point.

While the ideal situation is for the contractor to become involved in the design process, because as many owners realize the place that a contractor can add the greatest value is before construction starts. Unfortunately, only about 17% of consumers are driven totally by value, in other words, they simply demand the best. However, another 56% percent will buy based on value or price. The challenge is they will buy based on price unless they understand the value proposition. Therefore, when they buy based on low price it means the contractor didn't do its job of explaining the value proposition or didn't provide a value proposition that interested the customer. Therefore, this program provides strategies on how contractors can shift price buyers to value based buyers. 

However, when contractors deal with the 27% of consumers that only buy by price, it is essential that compete based on value. One contractor client, who happens to be a road builder, makes higher than average profit margins, despite being forced to bid competitively for most of its work. So even if you are forced to bid competitively, you can still improve your profit margins with the right strategies for competing on value. Every contractor, whether you negotiate your work or are forced to compete in a competitive market, needs to compete on value and this program offers strategies to do that regardless of your marketplace. In other words, this program explains how to win a higher percentage of your bids or proposals and at a higher profit margin regardless of the marketplace. 

Why Should You Attend:

  • Uncertain how to compete on value in the low-bid world.
  • Afraid to not bid almost every project because of a low success rate of wins.
  • In doubt that you have the ability to shift clients from price to value.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Who Will Benefit:

  • CEOs
  • Operations officers
  • Business development executives
  • All senior management

Price: US$116.00




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