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ETR- Event Technology Rentals was founded with a vision that technology plays a very important role in our lives. Our passion is to provide top-quality Technology, Display and Computer Rental Equipment to business professionals that want to distinguish themselves from the competition and leverage all of the benefits offered by latest Technology for their company events, trade shows, and training sessions. For show quality IT and Event reRental equipment nationwide, simply call or send in a quote request.

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Event Technology is your go-to source for reliable and fast Event, Display and Computer Rentals. Big-name trade show managers and event organizers come to us when they need to rent LED DIsplays, Laptops, Computers and iPads quickly and at an affordable price. We take pride in our ability to assist hundreds of companies with their technolgy rental needs on exhibit halls, trade shows and events spanning the whole country. ETR has 100% coverage nationwide, and we can provide technology rentals for both small and big enterprises alike. Our latest computers, laptops, video walls and iPads have drawn favorable attention and crucial audience exposure to businesses. Our technology rentals can promote your business and provide a seamless experience in corporate events with speed, efficiency and reliability

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Ever wonder how renting Computers, Displays, Laptops and iPads work? Take a look at some interesting information on how to cost effectively rent technology for events and trade shows: Businesses often rent the latest Computers, LED Displays, Laptops and Apple Tablets per day or per week, for meetings or events.

Renting technology equipment, per day is much more expensive than renting them out for the entire duration of your event or trade show. Event Technology’s experience in working with businesses on their trade shows, meetings and other events will show you how you can save more time and money. Our quotes are all transparent and they contain no hidden charges. Get A Custom Quote to Rent Technology Today.

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