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Sep 2018
Sep 2018


Sheraton Hotel & Marina San Diego , California Website
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2018 Unmanned Systems (UxS) Symposium








An outstanding 2 day General Session that will discuss the Unmanned Aircraft for DoD and Governmet topics:

Program Themes Include:

•      Emerging UAS/sUAS DoD & Government Needs, Requirements and Opportunities
•      DoD UAS Joint Program Updates, Emerging Sensor Capabilities & Testing
•      Hands-on User Perspectives on UAS Training
•      Emerging Major UAV Program Weaponization Updates and Platforms
•      “Counter UAS” Emerging Technologies & Policies
•      sUAS & Nano System Innovations and Payloads
•      Civil and Commercial Drone Platforms, Payloads Imaging Opportunities
•      Latest FAA Air Traffic Integration Programs Status Updates
•      UAS Swarming MUM-T Capabilities 
•      GOGO vs. COCO Decision Making Capabilities
•      Acquisition and New Technology Adoption Programs….and much more!


Dec 31   

9:00-9:10 Administrative Announcements

9:10-9:40                                            Army Keynote                                        MR TED MACIUBA, Deputy Director, Robotics, U.S. Army        Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE)

“Robotics Enabling the Dismounted          

  Infantry Platoon” 

9:40-10:10                                  USINDOPACOM Keynote                                        

DR. GREGORY POWER, Science and Technology                      USINDOPACOM J85 EC&P/JCTD Liaison "UAS Needs, Requirements & Capabilities"

10:10-10:40 DR. CARLOS CORREIA, Deputy Product Manager, Tactical      Unmanned Aircraft System, PM, Unmanned Aircraft Systems,            PEO Aviation "Army PM UAS Needs & Requirements"

10:40-11:15 Networking Break

11:15-11:45 COL THOMAS von ESCHENBACH, USA, Director, Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence "Army UAS Innovation and Capabilities"

11:45-12:15 MR. RICK LOBER, Vice President and General Manager, Hughes Network Systems, Defense and Intelligence Systems

"Advanced Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Communications for UAS - Large and Small”

12:15-12:45 COMMANDER (USN-ret) CHRIS “PYRO” FITZGERALD,    Contract Support, Commander Naval Air Forces, Pacific (N809A),COMNAVAIRFOR  CNAF), UAS Requirements “Navy’s TYCOM—UAS Update”

12:45-1:45 Lunch Break

1:45-2:15 TSgt VINCENT, USAF, Intelligence Analyst, 432d, Air                Expeditionary Wing Group, Creech Air Force Base “RPA Needs and Capabilities”

2:15-2:45 DR. TAD MCGEER,  Founder and President, Aerovel Corporation




“High Desert, High Arctic, High Seas: A Sampling of Flexrotor Ops Since 2015”

2:45-3:15 MAJOR DAVID “UNO” APARICIO, USAF, Director, Emerging Technologies, Combined Test Force (CTF) "sUAS Testing in the Emerging CTF"

3:15-3:45 Networking & Refreshment Break

3:45-4:15 MR. MARK FARRAR, Director of Training, U.S. Army Training Center, 2-13 Aviation Regiment, FT. Huachuca, AZ

“Army Cutting-Edge Unmanned Aircraft                            

  Training Capabilities”

4:15-4:45 LT COL CHRISTOPHER LINTON, USAF, Commander, 163d Maintenance Group, ATKW “163rd Attack Wing RPA Capabilities, Plans 

  and Programs” 

4:45-5:15 CAPTAIN (USN-ret), GEORGE GALDORISI, Dir. Strategic     Assessments & Technical Futures, SPAWAR SSC Pacific and 

RACHEL VOLNER, Strategic Analyst, SPAWAR SSC Pacific "Fielding Unmanned Systems Warfighters   Can Employ: Leveraging AI to Provide     Augmented Intel”

9:10-9:40 Commander, Naval Air Forces U.S. Pacific Fleet Keynote  BRYAN SCURRY, SES, Executive Director, Commander,       Naval Air Forces, Commander, Naval Air Forces 

“Naval Air Forces UAS Capabilities,         Plans & Requirements ” 

9:40-10:10       Special City of San Diego Law Enforcement Presentation 

ASSISTANT POLICE CHIEF CHRIS MCGRATH,                Support Operations & Department Military Liaison, San Diego  Police Department “UAS Aerial Innovation for Law                 

  Enforcement & Public Safety”

10:10-10:40 MR. DAVID BARNETT, V.P. of Products and Markets, RTI, Inc. “Open Architecture Cost and Safety-

  Certification Benefits” 

10:40-11:00 Networking Break

11:00-11:30 MR. NICK PSAKI, Principal Systems Engineer, PureStorage, Inc.


11:30-12:00 LT COL PETER “PEPE” LEHEW, Modern Technology        Solutions, Inc., Senior Consultant to Air Force Research Lab, Center for Rapid Innovation



IntelSat General Corporation “Trends in UAS Development and Learning 

   from Others”

12:00-12:30 CAPTAIN (USN-ret) Ted VENABLE, CNT/UAS Program    Manager at Commander, U.S. Fourth Fleet Counter Illicit Trafficking Program Manager, (COMUSNAVSO/C4F), USN "UAS Capabilities at U.S. Fourth Fleet” 

12:30-1:00 LTC (USA-ret), BARNEY OWENS, DoD Policy Board on      Federal Aviation


"DoD UAS Integration”

1:00-2:00 Lunch Break

2:00-2:30 MS. SEZEN JONES, Attorney and Director, of Public               Policy, AirMap “sUAS Innovation and Operations Capabilities for State, Local & Tribal Governments”

2:30-3:00 MS. STEFFI VALKOV, Flight test Operations Engineer, NASA Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center

"No Chase COA Flight” 

3:00-3:30 MR. BRIAN KEITH, Protective Security Advisor, Los Angeles District, Office of Infrastructure Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security “UAS Threats to Critical Infrastructure, Mitigation Strategies & Counter UAS” 

3:30 Working Refreshment Break

3:30-4:00 MR. CARMINE BORRELLI, Director, Unmanned Logistics   Systems, Combat Development & Integration, Installations and      Logistics, HQ, USMC

"UAS Logistics Systems, Overview"

4:00-4:30 MR. JOHN COGLIANESE, Managing Partner, Sciath UAS,   Former Director, SOCOM UAS and SOFWERX Thunderdrone

"Autonomous Aircraft Capabilities"

4:30-5:00 MR. JOSH WELLS, CEO, Planck Aerosystems

"sUAS Technologies for the                        Maritime Domain"

5:00-5:30 MR. SCOTT COON, Strategy and Business Development—Major Programs, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

“UAS Platforms and Programs"


Keynote Speakers

M. Bryan Scurry

Executive Dir/, Commander Naval Air Forces, Commander, Naval Air Forces US Pacific Fleet

Naval Air Forces US Pacific Fleet


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