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21st Century Building Expo 2019

Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
Sep 10 - Sep 12, 2019

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The 21st Century Building Expo & Conference attracts the Southeast’s most influential builders, developers, contractors, architects and other housing industry professionals looking to grow their businesses. These large-volume buyers and senior-level decision makers want to see, touch, test and learn about the latest products and service solutions.


We could tell you all about the things that make the 21CBEC great we’ve survived for 17 years; we use a right-to-work facility, saving you considerable money; we serve an area with a strong housing market; and the list goes on.

But what you REALLY care about is What’s In It For My Company?

1. Flying the Flag or “We’re not going out of business”. All too often justification used for exhibiting at an industry trade show is “if we don’t exhibit our competitors will say we are having financial trouble”, which then implies that you’re going out of business, which of course is not true. Competitors will use anything to gain an advantage, and this concern from sales is important to remember.

2. Lead Generation. Individuals attending trade shows are doing so for a variety of reasons- educational seminars, seeing current suppliers, meeting with industry peers, keeping up on industry trends, and finding new suppliers or products they need to purchase. It also can be assumed that their company is healthy and has money to spend, since companies on the ropes don’t send employees to trade shows nor do the bosses attend.

3. Brand Awareness. It an exhibit is relatively large or designed well, attendees will have “brand impressions”. Simply put,  how many people attended the show, as each are assumed to receive a brand impression. Booth size, design and graphics have a lot to do with this, as the attendees do walk the show floor and will see your booth even though they don’t stop for a visit. This impression is therefore much like a trade magazine ad.

4. Customer and Prospect Relationship Building. The cost of a B2B face-to-face sales call (now estimated to be around $600/call) combined with the difficulty these days to actually see key customers and current prospects, provides another valid justification to exhibit at trade shows.

A variety of sponsorships are available at the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference. Click below to download the complete sponsorship brochure or continuing scrolling to view a brief overview of what’s available.

Trade Show Tips For Exhibitors

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Are trade shows worth it?

What’s keeping attendees from engaging with you?

Understand your customers or lose them!

Trade Show Must Haves

Unspoken Rules of Trade Shows

During the three-day educational conference, the 21CBEC is pleased to offer three types of continuing education courses to attendees.

— NAHB Education courses

— NC Builder Institute courses

— General Session seminars


NAHB Education offers a wide-ranging curriculum for builders and housing industry associates. Learn more about the NAHB designations available. NAHB courses are noted by “NAHB” in the “type” column of the 21CBEC Education Schedule (check back for 2019 schedule).

Why Exhibit?

Tradeshows are where the residential construction professionals come to find products and services to meet every need they may have to design, build, renovate and operate in this industry.

They come to see YOU! You come to grow and expand your business, gain insight on what the needs are of the industry as well as make connections not with just builders but also with other suppliers and manufacturers.

Building Community

Exhibitors are educators too. Here’s how you can build community with your current customers and future clients.

The 21st Century Building Expo & Conference is held
annually to help builders and remodelers become familiar
with new products/trends so they can address their
clients needs and wants and stay competitive in their
market. According to the 2018 21CBEC Attendee Survey,
the top five reasons given for attending the Expo were:

• Find out about new building trends/products
• Refresh knowledge about building codes
• Get remodeling tips and find new products to use
• (tied) Universal Design & Accessibility Information, get

current economic housing data, learn more about sustainability and OSHA/Safety tips

• Outdoor Living Trends/Designs/Products

Exhibiting creates an opportunity to engage in discussions one-on-one, demonstrate and introduce your products and solve problems face-to-face. Not only will you meet your current customers who expect you there, but you will have the opportunity to build new business and meet your competitors head-on.

Source: Event Website

Source : Event Website

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