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2019 Aquatic Experience Show

Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, New Jersey
Oct 11 - Oct 13, 2019


Take your passion for underwater life to new depths.

From saltwater to freshwater with pond and aquatic animals, we have it all. Consumers and retailers are invited to join us for educational seminars and a robust show floor filled with hobbyists from entry level to the most sophisticated aquarium keepers, as well as livestock and equipment experts and the industry’s best and most trend-setting manufacturers. Add in a bevy of high powered speakers you’ve heard of and read articles from but have not had the chance to meet in person and you’ve got a must see for any aquarist no matter what their experience level.


This course will provide a basic fish health specialty course designed to educate and enhance attendees about the basic principles of proper freshwater and marine fish management in closed aquatic systems.  The course is primarily targeted in its scope and focus to pet store owners and employees. Aquatic system consultants, Hobbyists, veterinary technicians, and others are welcome to attend. The course will focus on basic principles of fish health management and not into esoteric specialty areas.  Speakers: Timothy Miller-Morgan, Patrick Donston, George Blasiola, and Greg Lewbart


Manufacturers – Hobbyist/Clubs – Health & Nutrition Retailers – Non Profit Organizations – Coral, Frags and Live Rock Marine – Pond & Aquarium Aquatic Livestock – Innovative Products – Substrates and Decor – Water Garden Products – Filters, Lighting and Accessories – Furniture and Supplies

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