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57th Annual SAFE Symposium 2019

Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada
Oct 14 - Oct 16, 2019

Why Attend

Our mission is the preservation of human life.

The SAFE Association is presenting its 57th Annual Symposium. Composed of Government, Military, Industrial, and Academic interests, SAFE represents aviation, space, land, and marine safety disciplines for the protection of users worldwide.

    The Symposium provides an internationally attended marketplace for the exchange of technical information, product and service exhibitions, and the showcasing of industry capabilities for meeting challenges in vehicular occupant protection and personnel-worn safety equipment.
    You are invited to participate in this tremendous opportunity and represent your company, agency, command, or institutional interests. The Symposium is comprised of industry exhibits, technical paper and panel sessions, workshops, lectures, and product demonstrations over a three day period. The SAFE Symposium is attended by acquisition and technical leaders from worldwide industry, governmental, and military agencies.
    SAFE offers a diverse attendees demographic with approximately 50% industry and 50% customer group with nearly all the suppliers serving the markets identified.
    Many safety and survival attendees make SAFE their #1 priority meeting each year, with many scheduling design reviews, technical interchange meetings, and supplier coordination meetings during this event.
    Papers, Panels, Workshops and Product Demonstrations are planned at the SAFE annual event.

Previous exhibits, technical sessions, workshops, and product demonstrations have emphasized safety, protective equipment, and life support developments in the disciplines of:

    Occupant Crash Impact Protection — Aircraft & Automotive
    Environmental Hazards
    Flotation, Anti-Exposure, Survival Aids
    Acceleration Physiology and Systems
    Breathing Systems and Respirators
    Head Protection and HMD/S
    Personnel Protective Equipment Systems Design and Integration
    Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism
    Technology Transfer
    Chemical, Biological, Radiological PPE
    Laser, Ballistic Protection
    Testing Methods and Simulations
    Military Aircraft Ejection Escape & Survival
    Biodynamics & Physiology
    Energetics and Escape Path Clearance
    Parachute Recovery Systems
    Communications and Optics
    Accident Investigation
    Crewstations / Cabin Interiors Equipment
    Business & Commercial Aircraft Safety
    Search & Rescue
    Homeland Security

Source: Event Website

Source : Event Website

Exhibitor Brochures & Prospectus

Future and Past Event Dates

Event Name City State Atendance Exhibitors Date
58th Annual SAFE Symposium 2020 Virginia Beach Virginia 600 e - Oct 26, 2020
57th Annual SAFE Symposium 2019 Reno Nevada 600 46 Oct 14, 2019
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