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AOC International Symposium and Convention 2020

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, District of Columbia
Dec 08 - Dec 10, 2020

Why Attend

About Us

The Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention is the leading event for electronic warfare, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber-electromagnetic activities, and information operations professionals from around the world.

Mission & History
The Association of Old Crows is an organization for individuals who have common interests in Electronic Warfare (EW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations (EMSO), Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), Information Operations (IO), and other information related capabilities.

The Association of Old Crows provides a means of connecting members and organizations nationally and internationally across government, defense, industry, and academia to promote the exchange of ideas and information, and provides a platform to recognize advances and contributions in these fields.

What's a Crow?
The name “crow” emerged from the first large-scale use of Electronic Warfare during the WWII Battle of Britain and the US/Allied bombing raids over Europe. The Allied Radar Countermeasure operators used the code name “ravens” and employed receivers and transmitters to monitor and jam threat frequencies.

Military jargon later changed “ravens” to “crows.” Since that time, the defense of (and maneuver within) the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) has been undertaken by “crows” across the military, government, industrial base,

2020 Theme: Multi-Domain Operations - Integrating Across the Spectrum
The importance of the electromagnetic spectrum cannot be over emphasized; it is the bedrock that supports the emerging concepts of multi-domain operations, an integrated and synchronized application across all domains.

Awareness of the spectrum, understanding its properties, its role in modern day operations, and the ability to command and control effects and operations within the spectrum are necessary to fully strategize, plan, and execute multi-domain operations.

The dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum is foundational to successful multi-domain operations.

AOC publishes the Journal of Electronic Defense, the premier publication for the EW community, and delivers it to AOC members physically and digitally.

AOC curates the weekly eCrow e-Newsletter featuring the latest industry & community news, keeping members aware of the latest happenings in their career field.

AOC produces the Virtual Series, webinars that provide bite-sized educational sessions on a myriad of technical topics in Electromagnetic Warfare, and AOC members receive complimentary access to the webinar archive - with over 100 hours of recorded educational content!

AOC hosts the Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention, the largest & most prestigious EW event each year with 2,000 of our community’s leaders convening to shape the future of the Electromagnetic Warfare enterprise.

AOC organizes regional conferences, located at EW centers of gravity across the globe, provide in-depth discussions on solving the latest challenges and threats facing the warfighter.

AOC provides the only Career Center that serves as the intersection of talent and opportunity within the Electromagnetic Warfare enterprise.

Why Exhibit?

The Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention is the leading event for electronic warfare, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber-electromagnetic activities, and information operations experts from around the world and has the largest concentration of DECISION MAKERS among industry shows.

Don't miss the opportunity to:

Interact with nearly 2000 industry, military, and government professionals from over 30 countries
Build brand awareness
Promote new products, services, and technology
Obtain direct orders for your company
Recruit new talent
Secure client referrals
Support the AOC

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