ASCE Annual Convention 2019 - American Society of Civil Engineers

  • Hyatt Regency Miami, Miami, Florida
  • Oct 10 - 13, 2019

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Why Attend

The program will follow the convention topics listed and described below. These topics are intended to be used to define a recurring convention program that draws attendees back each year. They are intended to provide benefits to attendees and their employers on an educational and professional level.

Convention Topics

State of the Industry and Profession

The presentations on this topic will be given by recognized thought leaders, corporate leaders in engineering, corporate leaders from related fields, Institute leaders, and leaders in engineering education, leaders from cooperating industry organizations, and political leaders.
Professional Development

To help take your career to the next level, topics will provide programming based on the needs of members, engineering firms,and leadership issues to educate and enhance the individual skills and practice of attendees. Potential topics include leadership, project management, value engineering, construction management, risk analysis and management, asset management, marketing, business development, public relations, political advocacy, and ethics.

Multi-disciplinary Technical

This topic is intended to bring together the best of the best from the Institutes’ conferences, ASCE conferences and conferences from other professions, multi-discipline issues, innovation, best practices, hot issues, case studies, perspectives from allied professions affecting civil engineers, and new concepts.

Natural & Man-made Disasters

Come and explore disasters and catastrophes from a multi-disciplinary point of view. Sessions within this topic will look at the natural and/or man-made causes, prediction, present codes and standards and suggested revisions, effects, and how to mitigate effects by component or macro approaches.


Increase Your Visibility!

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the ASCE Convention 2019! This is a great way to increase your company’s visibility with so many attendees from various engineering fields. The Convention offers a range of opportunities to reach potential clients through our sponsorship program.

Source: Event Website

Source : Event Website

Exhibitor Brochures & Prospectus

Future and Past Event Dates

Event Name City State Atendance Exhibitors Date
ASCE Annual Convention 2019 - American Society of Civil Engineers Miami Florida verified
- Oct 10, 2019
ASCE Annual Convention 2016 - American Society of Civil Engineers Portland Oregon - - Sep 29, 2016

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