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Cargo Logistics Canada 2017 (CLC)

Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb 08 - Feb 09, 2017

Why Attend

Event Overview:

The entire supply chain under one roof!

Cargo Logistics Canada connects freight owners with freight movers – fostering multimodal synergy between diverse stakeholders in import, export and domestic supply chains.

    Large-scale Exhibition: showcasing 150+ exhibitors pertaining to all modes of transportation.
    À la carte Conference Menu: each session is priced individually and affordably. Plus, tradeshow attendance is FREE for those who pre-register.

Cargo Logistics is produced by the world’s largest publicly-traded event company.

Who Attends?

Cargo Logistics Canada (CLC) addresses the needs of cargo owners, managers and agents who contract the flow of goods through Canadian supply chains. CLC encompasses the entire cargo spectrum - all major transportation modes and all cargo types, under one roof. If your company has a supply chain that runs through Canada – you will want to attend CLC!

Exhibitor Information:

Who Exhibits?

The exposition floor will feature products, services, technologies and equipment designed to optimize an entire supply chain. If your company moves any type of cargo or provides solutions for cargo owners, you will want to exhibit at CLC 2017!

The following will exhibit:

    Specialists in sea, air, rail and road freight

Logistics Infrastructure, Real Estate & Storage

    CLC 2016 - Exhibitors Seaports
    Terminal operators
    Inland ports
    Chambers of commerce and industry
    Federal, Provincial, Municipal and other government organizations and initiatives
    Industrial parks
    Property developers
    Facility management
    Investment and project financing
    Distribution Centers

Freight Transportation Support Services

    3PL & 4PLs
    International freight forwarders
    Customs brokers
    Banks and financing
    Shipping agents
    Transshipment/transloading solutions
    Supply chain consultants
    Federations, associations, councils and other professional organizations
    Container hire and leasing
    Charter brokers
    Sales agents
    Personnel services
    Security services
    Waste disposal and recycling
    Cross docking
    Just-in-time and last kilometer logistics specialists
    Reverse logistics
    Engineering services

Technology Systems and Communications

    CartographyCLC 2015 - Exhibitors 2
    Navigation and dynamic positioning systems
    Web tracking
    Transport management systems
    On board information technology and portable terminals
    Readers and scanners
    Customs operations software
    Software and solutions for e-commerce
    Telecommunications and wireless solutions
    Data collection and transmission systems
    Fuel management systems
    Security technologies including: Alarms, tracing, identification, access control, anti-intrusion, water/fire detection, CCTV surveillance and biometrics
    Warehouse management systems (WMS)
    Stock management tools
    Electronic data interchange (EDI)
    Production management
    Technology and integration consultants
    Electronic document management, data warehousing
    Distribution chain management
    Radio frequency identification (RFID)
    Databases and information systems
    IT security

Freight Transportation Equipment and Materials

    Road vehicle and motor truck equipment and accessories
    Rail vehicle equipment and accessories
    Trailer systems
    Consumables including tire and fuel retailing
    Commercial vehicle build and rental
    Special freight superstructures
    Combined transportation solutions
    Crane, elevator and lifting equipment
    Scales and weighing equipment

Distribution, Warehousing and Materials Handling Services & Equipment

    Cranes, elevators and lifting systemsCLC 2015 - Exhibitors 3
    Materials handling consultants
    Cold storage equipment
    Automated systems
    Access equipment
    3 PL / 4 PL
    Fork lifts
    Warehouse tools and supplies
    Measurement equipment
    Floor marking
    Freight units (boxes, containers, trays, pallets)
    Storage techniques and equipment
    Process control systems
    Warehouse vehicles
    Warehouse automation
    Conveyor systems
    Distribution and loading equipment
    Printers, labels, bar codes, labeling
    Scales and weighing equipment
    Racking and storage systems
    Packaging materials
    Recruitment services
    Inventory management
    Work wear
    Waste and recycling
    Health and safety equipment
    Floors and floor cleaning
    Pick to order systems
    Casters, wheels and tires
    Loading dock equipment

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