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Chicago Financial Institutions Conference (CFIC) 2020

DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois
Apr 16 - Apr 17, 2020

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The CFIC is a conference dedicated to research in the area of financial institutions. The goal of the conference is to provide an open and welcoming environment for scholars to share new working papers with the community of people who are active in financial institutions research.

The conference has grown to 150 attendees, which makes it a unique opportunity for feedback and collaboration.

The financial crisis has revealed the urgent need to better understand the determinants and consequences of cross-border banking. International banking has been driven both, by the globalization of economic activity, and by the deregulation of financial markets.

It can have positive implications for economic welfare through an improved allocation of capital and enhanced possibilities for risk-sharing across countries. However, activities of internationally active banks can also be more risky than those of domestic banks, and it can be a source of systemic risk.

Against this background, a rich new research agenda has emerged, which aims at assessing the drivers of international banking. This research shows that using aggregated or bilateral country-by-country data is not sufficient to analyze the causes and effects of cross-border banking.

Rather, micro data are needed that allow shedding light at the cross-border linkages of individual banks and at intra-bank, cross-border banking structures.

Many key policy questions such as the response of banks to country-specific, macroprudential policies such as counter-cyclical capital buffers, and the cross-border resolution of banks require such information.

We welcome submissions of high-quality research on all topics related to financial institutions.
The range of topics includes, but is not limited to:

the theory of financial intermediation;
banking and the real economy;
nonbank financial institutions;
fintech and blockchain;
deposits and liquidity;
relationship lending and small business finance;
consumer finance and payment systems;
syndicated lending and securitization;
bank performance and risk;
central banks and monetary policy;
financial markets and market-making;
financial crises and systemic risk;
governance of financial institutions;
international banking;
and financial regulation.

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Source : Event Website
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