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FreedomFest 2020

Paris Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada
Jul 13 - Jul 16, 2020

Why Attend

Hollywood has given us romantic images of the "Wild West"...the rugged individualist making his fortune in a vast wilderness...cowboys riding their steeds across the plains...fearless pioneers forging across the country in covered wagons and handcarts...stagecoaches and the Pony Express....the "Wild West" is seen as an incredible period of personal freedom and opportunity to pursue self-interest...

But there was also danger, violence and oppression...Bloody battles between settlers and Native Americans, the latter ultimately oppressed and pushed from their lands...Robberies at banks, stagecoaches and trains, with tales of vigilante justice, outlaws and gangs, duels...Marshalls and their deputies forming posses to round up the "bad guys"...Saloons where people gathered to drink whiskey, play poker, visit the brothels...

Was the Wild West a time of liberty and opportunity? Or a time of anarchy and violence? Or both?

We'll visit this exciting theme at FreedomFest this year, explore the real history with experts, learn what are the "Wild Wests" of today, plus how we can benefit from the positive lessons of the Old West.

All this in addition to our famous lineup of sessions that go beyond politics (though we do have plenty of that!) into economics, investing and personal finances, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, education reform, taxation, criminal justice reform, healthcare and healthy living, science, technology and digital privacy, not to mention the Anthem Film Festival - a full film festival INCLUDED in your FreedomFest registration.

Interested in Exhibiting?

What do liberty-minded think tanks, alternative investments, and your business have in common? They’ll all be in the FreedomFest Exhibit Hall!  Our goal is to bring together thousands of the “best and the brightest” free minds from around the world to discuss and debate, strategize and socialize, and celebrate liberty. Our Exhibit Hall is the center of activity throughout the three day event. Attendees are sure to stop by your booth.

We invite you to join with us and are pleased to present several different levels of sponsorship opportunities. Don’t miss the opportunity to represent your organization or business at FreedomFest!

The FreedomFest Exhibit Hall offers the most diverse group of exhibitors you can imagine. It is the place to meet and mingle with our speakers, other exhibitors, and attendees, many of whom are accredited investors.

It’s considered “the trade show for liberty” and features exhibitors such as freedom think tanks, inventors and entrepreneurs, investment and financial institutions, and healthy living experts.  It is the primary location for cocktail receptions, coffee breaks, round table discussions, the official FreedomFest bookstore, and book signings.  Media Row and our "Pitch Tank" also set up camp in the Exhibit Hall to round out your FreedomFest experience.  The Exhibit Hall is truly the heart of FreedomFest!

Source: Event Website

Source : Event Website


Future and Past Event Dates

Event Name City State Atendance Exhibitors Date
FreedomFest 2020 Las Vegas Nevada 2,000 120 Jul 13, 2020
FreedomFest 2019 Las Vegas Nevada - 29 Jul 17, 2019
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