Hawaii Market Merchandise Expo - November 2015

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  • Nov 6 - 8, 2015

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Expos are held 4 times per year in January, April, September & November. Jewelry, gift, apparel, fashion accessories, leather goods, art and collectibles are featured products in addition to products manufactured in Hawaii. Expos are designed specifically to serve Hawaii's buyers and sellers. The expos are OPEN TO BUSINESS BUYERS ONLY. The cash and carry format of immediate release of merchandise encourages thousands of business owners, managers and professional trade buyers to purchase a broad variety of products.

More than 7000 business buyers from all the Islands of Hawaii attend each of The Hawaii Market Merchandise Expos. The business-to-business demographics of the State of Hawaii indicate that it ranks among the largest in the nation with respect to “cottage industries” as well as per-capita retail establishments. The cottage industry buyers especially generate a substantially large number of small quantity purchases per exhibitor, and they are well represented among all of the buyers who attend the expos.

Buyers must present properly qualified business related credentials along with matching photo identification in person at show site for admission. (Buyers may not register in advance via email for the Merchandise Expos).

One of the World’s most dynamic retail shopping and resort hospitality markets. Hawaii is strategically situated in the Pacific between Asia and the mainland USA. The state population is more than 1.2 million residents. Over 7 million tourists visit the Hawaiian Islands annually. Honolulu is now one of the 15 largest cities in the USA. With over 4000 retail businesses, 70,000 resort lodging accommodations and 2000 restaurants and foodservice establishments.

Antiques, apparel and fashion accessories, artificial flowers, baskets, beach-wear, beads, books, bowls, calendars, candy, candles, ceramic, Christmas gifts and ornaments, clocks, coffees, collectibles, condiments, cookies, cosmetics, costume jewelry, decorative items, dolls, fine jewelry, gems, gift wraps, gourmet foods, greeting cards, handbags, holiday décor, jam, leather goods, luggage, novelties, pens, photo albums, pottery, rubber stamps, sauces and dressings, snacks, souvenirs, stationery, teas, toys, vases, watches and much more.

Direct Mail - over 13,000 attractive Postcard Invitations, plus Passbooks/Buyer’s Directories, with official entry badges are mailed to Pre-registered Buyers, which include business owners, managers and professionals as well as qualified trade buyers who have a proven track record of buying at trade shows.
Special Promotions & Travel Packages developed for both exhibitors and buyers.

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