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Apr 2018
Apr 2018


Indiana Convention Center 100 S. Capitol Avenue Indianapolis , Indiana 46225
Tel: (317) 262-3400
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Indy.Code() 2018






Event Overview:

Indy.Code() is an upcoming three-day software development conference in downtown Indianapolis. With over 100 breakout sessions and hands-on workshops covering all aspects of software development, Indy.Code() is a must attend event for any serious software professional.

About Amegala:

We founded Amegala in 2010 with the belief that software development is an essential industry and the people who develop and manage software have a key role to play in the future of our economy. In 2017, we are organizing conferences in 4 different markets (Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; Des Moines, IA; Lincoln, NE) and expect to reach over 3,000 software development professionals across these 4 events. As responsible members of the software development community we see it as our mission to help grow and improve that community to which we owe so much.

Exhibitor Prospectus and Kit


Apr 16   

Monday, 8:30 AM

Become a User Experience Designer for a Day

 Room 212 (212) |  ux, user experience, interface

Build Your Own Arduino Workshop

 Sagamore Ballroom (Sagamore Ballroom)

Can't We All Just Get Along : The Building of an iOS application with a Ruby API

 Room 204 (204) |  ios, ruby, rails, iphone, api

Front-end Web Development with Angular2 and TypeScript

 Room 203 (203)

Going all in with functional C#

 Room 208 (208) |  functional programming, c# 7.x

Kubernetes From Code to Deployment

 Room 201 (201)

Learning CSS Through Creating Art

 Room 211 (211) |  css, art, html, beginners, front-end

Practical Functional Java (and Kotlin too!)

 Room 209 (209)

Practical Machine Learning with Python

 Room 210 (210) |  machine-learning, python, data-science, deep-learning

Putting the D&D in TDD

 Room 202 (202) |  tdd, programming

Apr 17   

Tuesday, 8:30 AM

Taking Hoosier Tech to the Next Level

 Sagamore Ballroom (Sagamore Ballroom)

Tuesday, 9:45 AM

.NET Standard: Reuse All the Code!

 Room 208 (208) |  .net core, pcl, nuget, .net

A Gentle Introduction to Kotlin

 Room 209 (209) |  kotlin, java, functional programming

A New Vue for Web Development

 Room 204 (204)

Agile beyond software teams: how anyone can benefit from the agile methodology

 Room 202 (202) |  #agile, #businessdevelopment, #scrum

Community to the Python Power: 10 years of IndyPy

 Room 210 (210) |  community, community organizing, user group, python, software

Hack Proof: Software Design for a Hostile Internet

 Room 211 (211) |  hacking, security, applications, vulnerabilities

How to transition leadership (without pissing off the team)

 Room 212 (212) |  leadership

Leap to the future: Introduction to Quantum Computing

 Room 201 (201)

Unit Testing for Mere Mortals

 Room 203 (203)

Tuesday, 11:00 AM

A Developer's Guide To Docker

 Room 201 (201) |  devops, docker

Angular the .NET Ptich

 Room 208 (208) |  angular, mvc, typescript, webpack, javascript services

Clojure - A Programming Superpower

 Room 209 (209) |  clojure, functional programming

Embracing the Mob Mentality

 Room 202 (202) |  development, mob programming, agile, teams, get stuff done

Helping Junior Developers Succeed on Your Team

 Room 211 (211)

How to "UX" your software: Avoiding Hurting people

 Room 210 (210) |  ux, user experience, design, trends, bad design

Intro to Software Freelancing

 Room 212 (212) |  freelancing, entrepreneur, developer

Squashing JavaScript Bugs

 Room 204 (204) |  javascript, debugging

Transitioning to an Enterprise Architect role

 Room 203 (203) |  career planning, enterprise architecture, architect

Tuesday, 1:00 PM

Building Offline-Sync-Capable Mobile Data Apps with Xamarin and Azure

 Room 208 (208) |  mobile, apps, xamarin, microsoft, cloud

Cryptography Best Practices

 Room 201 (201) |  cryptography, security, password management, data breaches

Finishing the Projects you Start

 Room 202 (202) |  productivity, projects, project management, motivation, open source

How to build a blockchain in Ruby

 Room 209 (209) |  ruby, blockchain, distributed computing, cryptography

Introduction to Amazon AWS

 Room 210 (210) |  aws, s3, sqs, sns, amazon

One-Hour Introduction to React

 Room 204 (204)

Regular Expressions – The Black Magic of Text Manipulation

 Room 211 (211)

Software development in a highly regulated environment

 Room 212 (212) |  fda, regulated software, agile

The Path to Senior Development

 Room 203 (203) |  software craftsmanship, professional development, hiring

Tuesday, 2:15 PM

Cybersecurity in the Modern Age

 Room 211 (211) |  cybersecurity, security, iot, internet of things

Defining a Problem Space in an Agile Workflow

 Room 202 (202) |  agile, business analyst, product owner, problem space

Giving Clarity to LINQ Queries by Extending Expressions

 Room 208 (208) |  expression trees, c#, linq, entity framework

Interviewing, Fast and Slow: Use behavioral science to ace technical interviews or build better teams

 Room 210 (210) |  hiring, interviewing, introductory

Introduction to Dashboards in R Markdown Reports

 Room 209 (209)

Refactoring to Testable Code

 Room 203 (203) |  unit testing, refactoring, testable code, c#

Three challenges even Superman faces when engineering for Machine Learning

 Room 201 (201)

WebAssembly: A Closer Look

 Room 204 (204)

Write Better JavaScript with TDD

 Room 212 (212) |  javascript, tdd

Tuesday, 3:30 PM

10 Software Design Patterns for Everyday Life

 Room 203 (203)

Accessibility: It's More Than Just Screen Readers

 Room 204 (204) |  accessibility, html, disability, legal

Care and Feeding of Your Developers

 Room 210 (210) |  leadership, management, ux

Hacking with C#

 Room 208 (208)

Node.js Crash Course

 Room 209 (209) |  javascript, node.js, web

Retrospectives: the agile Ur-practice

 Room 202 (202) |  agile, retrospectives, teams, practices, scrum

Testing Embedded Code

 Room 211 (211)

The Future of Programming

 Room 201 (201) |  future, dependent types, functional programming

The Mindful Developer: The Science of Stress Management

 Room 212 (212) |  soft-skills, mindfulness, stress

Apr 18   

Wednesday, 8:30 AM

A Guide to Being a Better Mentor

 Room 212 (212) |  mentorship, communication

Know Your Tools – Making the Most of Working with .NET Core

 Room 208 (208) |  tools, productivity, .net, visual studio, visual studio code

Predicting free Pizza with Python. Cowabunga Dude!

 Room 210 (210) |  python, machine learning, data science

Raising the Value of Your Unit Tests

 Room 203 (203) |  unit testing, c#

Supercharging Your Unit Testing with JUnit 5, AssertJ, and Mockito

 Room 209 (209)

Take Back Project Sanity: The Kanban Journey

 Room 202 (202) |  project management, kanban, teamwork

TypeScript: Making JavaScript Tolerable

 Room 204 (204) |  javascript, typescript, languages, visual studio code, open source

Using Google Analytics To Market Your Software Idea

 Room 211 (211) |  analytics, javascript, tag manager

What to Learn Next

 Room 201 (201) |  learn, visualization, data, api

Wednesday, 9:45 AM

.CSS { display: What? }

 Room 204 (204) |  css, ui

5 Principles of Software that Works

 Room 203 (203) |  ux, user experience, best practices, good design

Building Better REST APIs in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core

 Room 208 (208)

Continuous Delivery with IOT is easy!

 Room 201 (201)

Design Patterns: Not Just for Architects

 Room 212 (212) |  design patterns, software practices, gang of four

Micro-Services: What we learned from 2017

 Room 211 (211)

The Developer's Guide to Selling Your Work

 Room 210 (210) |  softskills, startup

Using data to evaluate software engineers

 Room 202 (202) |  data driven analysis, software engineering, github, performance

Wait, What? Microsoft has created a Java IDE?

 Room 209 (209) |  java

Wednesday, 11:00 AM

Why you should pick a delivery date before starting a project

 Room 202 (202) |  go to market, planning, delivery schedule

A Little Elm Goes a Long Way

 Room 209 (209) |  front-end, functional, web, elm

Azure ML: From Novice to Predicting the Future in 1 Hour

 Room 208 (208)

Demystifying Dependency Injection

 Room 203 (203) |  dependency injection, best practices, software design

Exploring the Foundations of Programming

 Room 212 (212) |  functional programming

Hands Free Mobile UI Testing

 Room 211 (211) |  xamarin, mobile, ui, testng, crossplatform

Life-Hacking with Containers: How to Automate Away Your Problems

 Room 201 (201)

New in Town: On addressing gentrification within the tech industry

 Room 210 (210) |  gentrification, tech industry, economics, social justice

Setting Up a Modern JavaScript Development Environment

 Room 204 (204)

Wednesday, 1:00 PM

CSS Isn't Scary

 Room 204 (204) |  html, css, web

DevOps Architecture Deep Dive, Canary Deployment

 Room 210 (210)

Facial Recognition in JavaScript

 Room 201 (201) |  javascript, front end, facial recognition, augmented reality, web development

Get into the fastlane: Simplifying the process of releasing iOS and Android apps

 Room 212 (212)

Introduction to Functional Programming with F#

 Room 208 (208) |  development, functional programming, languages, .net

Learning The Basics In R programming

 Room 209 (209) |  analytics, r programming, data science

Real Agile for Real Software

 Room 202 (202) |  agile, project management

So you've got a build server. Now what?

 Room 203 (203) |  automation, jenkins, build server, bamboo

The Complexity of Android Testing

 Room 211 (211) |  android, testing, quality assurance

Wednesday, 2:15 PM

Advanced TDD with Mocks

 Room 203 (203)

Build a Machine Learning Supercomputer under $500

 Room 201 (201) |  machine learning, raspberry pi

Finding and Fixing Bottlenecks with Speed, Safety, and Concurrency: an Introduction to Rust.

 Room 209 (209) |  rust, systems level, introduction, safety, embedded

IoT for the .NET Dev

 Room 208 (208) |  iot, azure, .net, raspberry pi, cloud

Lean and Agile's Roots in the Automotive Industry

 Room 202 (202) |  lean, agile, process

Streamlining State Management in Angular with NgRx

 Room 204 (204)

Upgrade Yourself: Most Valued Developer

 Room 210 (210) |  soft skills, hard skills, professional skills, growth mindset, social developer

What I've Learned From Featuring Over 0x100 Developers on My Podcast

 Room 211 (211) |  soft skills, interaction, networking, personal skills, lessons

Why you should use React Native for your next mobile app

 Room 212 (212) |  react native, javascript, mobile

Wednesday, 3:30 PM

“JavaScript” is Not a Dirty Word

 Room 212 (212) |  javascript

A Wireframe is Worth a Thousand Stories

 Room 204 (204) |  user experience, wireframe, design, business analyst

Agile: You Keep Using That Word...

 Room 202 (202)

Clean Code: Homicidal Maniacs Read Code, Too!

 Room 203 (203) |  software practices

Continuous Everything – Build, Test, Deploy, Engage, Repeat

 Room 210 (210)

Monitoring & Alerting Made Simple

 Room 211 (211)

Neural Networks: The Good Bits

 Room 201 (201)

Packaging your world: An Intro to NuGet Authoring

 Room 208 (208) |  nuget, .net, devops, packaging

Type Driven Development with Idris

 Room 209 (209) |  idris, functional, type driven development

Keynote Speakers

Nick Birch

Co-Founder of Eleven Fifty Academy

Taking Hoosier Tech to the Next Level

Indiana has a lot of the raw ingredients needed to be a major force in tech job creation now and in the future. This past summer, Nick set out on a 3-month national tour with a goal of learning what more than a dozen cities across the United States are doing to push their technical communities to the next level. Nick will share the unique perspective he gained from the tour, highlighting key observations about how Hoosier technical communities compare to those in cities such as Chicago, Kansas City, and Seattle, among others, and discuss what Indiana can do to accelerate growth and remain competitive with other innovative cities.

Nick is a serial EdTech entrepreneur committed to building and elevating Hoosier technical communities. He is a co-founder of Eleven Fifty Academy, an Indianapolis-based coding bootcamp, and PropelUp, an online learning platform for digital skills. He has also worked with Powderkeg, a tech community platform, helping them scale their operations into new cities across the U.S. In 2017, he was a nominee for TechPoint's Rising Star award. He has emceed Powderkeg's Pitch Night events, been featured in publications like the Indianapolis Business Journal and VentureBeat, and spoken at events like March for Science Indianapolis and FailFest. He is a graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and outside of his work in startups and technology, Nick also spends time coaching high school baseball and playing hockey competitively.



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