ISS Long Beach 2018 - Imprinted Sportswear Show

  • Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, California
  • Jan 19 - 21, 2018
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Event Overview:

The Leading Trade Show Dedicated to the Decorated Apparel Industry

ISS Long Beach is the industry’s leading and most advanced decorated apparel trade show and conference.

As we celebrate our 40th our year in the decorated apparel industry, ISS Long Beach the largest and most famous trade show in the business. to ISS Long Beach each year to services unveiled in the New Year in this incredibly competitive business.

Qualified buyers keep coming back to ISS Long Beach for 3 critical reasons:

Connect face-to-face with over 400 of the top exhibitors in the world to gain insights, learn tricks of the trade and compare products side-by-side to help make the best decisions for company growth and prosperity.

Learn from the best in the decorated apparel industry by attending our critically acclaimed, award-winning conference workshops and seminars. Whether a veteran in the industry or new to the business,there are seminars designed to teach new and innovative approaches to each aspect of owning a decorated apparel business. Including seminars on screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment printing and much more.

Mingle with professional colleagues to help strengthen existing bonds and network with thousands of industry peers to develop new relationships.

Register Now and let ISS help you create a highly successful 2018.

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Why Attend


ISS Long Beach is the premier expo and conference dedicated to the decorated apparel industry. Tens of thousands of your peers gather here each year to find new inspiration in this 10 billion dollar a year industry. Decorated apparel is widely known as one of the top three most competitive industries in the world, and research shows those who have come to ISS Long Beach have grown their profits and brand presence by up to 72% in one year! Nothing can match the value of meeting with the top Exhibitors and leading experts to take your business to the next level.


Looking to gain insight into the newest decorated apparel products and services? By attending the show you will stay current with newest decorated apparel processes that will grow your business. Connect with the top decorated apparel vendors and experts and meet and develop new business connections. See, touch and experience cutting-edge products and services to make informed purchasing decisions to put you ahead of the rest and be the best!


ISS Long Beach is known across the world as THE decorated apparel event if you are in the business. ISS has won numerous awards for our critically acclaimed educational program for both our  workshops and conference seminars. The top industry experts from around the globe come to ISS Long Beach to teach you about all of the decorating processes available such as screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG), embroidery, digital decorating, how to market your business and maximize ROI, and so much more. This is the show to nurture and build your career and industry connections.

Exhibitor Information:

Your Decorated Apparel Expertise WILL Translate Into Profit

The ISS Long Beach show delivers an extremely high quality audience that has the power to generate leads and maximize your show ROI more than any competing show in the world. Not only will exhibiting at ISS Long Beach 2018 enable you to showcase your products and services in front of tens of thousands of qualified buyers, you’ll also see the latest trends on direct-to-garment printing, foil-on-screen print designs, thread blending for embroidery and so much more. Nearly 75% of buyers make purchases at the show.

What You Can Expect from Exhibiting in ISS Long Beach

ISS Long Beach 2018 will have a minimum of 115,000 net square feet of exhibit space. ISS Long Beach has been the largest decorated apparel event for decades. In 2017, ISS Long Beach was 100% sold out and qualified buyer attendance was at an all-time high-and we’re already trending ahead in 2018. So once again we’ve added an additional 20,000 net square feet of exhibitor space in the newly renovated Long Beach Arena (attached to the Convention Center) to accommodate the demands of our exhibitors and qualified buyers!

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