IUNC Americas 2018 is the Int`l HigherEd Conference, focused on the University Cooperation Development and Edu Agency Relations Building. This is the exclusive face-to-face networking event specifically designed to connect universities from around the world with international office directors from institutions of USA, Canada, LATAM region and edu agencies.

IUNC Americas 2018 will highlight cutting-edge tendencies in the sphere of higher education in North & South Americas and will bring together more than 100 attendees from across the globe. In December 2018 the leading institutions of North America and Latin America, which are open for new partnership relations, will get together with foreign universities and edu agencies from all over the world, looking for prospective international partners. Miami will become a place of the latest HigherEd trends discussions, networking and collaboration developing for the top-notch professionals from around the world. This event will be interesting to those universities that want to establish cooperation in the field of student or faculty exchange, joint grant applications, dual degrees etc. 

The conference program will include sessions, presentations and round-tables on the local & global HigherEd tendencies, one-to-one meetings with universities and agencies. The IUNC Americas 2018 will provide to each university the outstanding opportunities for networking, personal approaching potential partners, university/company branding and marketing.

Your benefits from participation

Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services

The purpose-oriented event with specific audience

  • well defined aim of the event ensuring fruitful results
  • attended by the decision-makers on Int`l affairs of the institutions only (Int`l relations officers, responsible for different areas of international performance of universities)
  • no irrelevant meetings

Networking & Personal Negotiations

  • pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings (business appointments)
  • an opportunity to choose potential partners of your interest (match-making)
  • a chance to meet & discuss possible cooperation IN PERSON

Pre-scheduling activities

  • easy-manageable agenda (e-scheduler will do a match-making, find available time-slot and appoint all meetings for you)
  • time-saving technologies (it will take about 30 min to get familiar and make up your agenda)
  • you will not be lost at the conference! You will have your personal negotiation table marked with your institution name and branding opportunities

Cost effectiveness

  • IUNC conference is and "all-inclusive" event (the registration fee covers all sessions, one-to-one meetings, campus-tour, all meals according to the Program)
  • The early bird discounts let save up to €600 per participant
  • Additional benefits and discount for speakers

Convenient date & place

Miami is gorgeous all year round. You will be fascinated by world-famous places of interest, outstanding historical and cultural landmarks, green parks and blossoming gardens.

Strategically important city of the region of the event

  • it is an easy place to get to (direct flights from almost all countries)
  • interesting traveling destination, plenty of places world-famous places of interest, vibrant atmosphere, great cultural experience

The IUNC Americas 2018 will definitely become one of the best networking conferences for establishing university partnerships. We welcome universities, colleges, languages schools, recruiting agencies and other educational service providers from around the globe to join us at IUNC Americas 2018 conference! 


Dec 5   

Wednesday, December 05

09:00 Conference Registration

09:30 -18:00 Session 1-Session 9

9:30-10:30 Opening Ceremony. Bogdan Voronovskiy, the Head of IUNC Organizing Committee
Welcome word. Prof Steven Moll, Vice Provost of Biscayne Bay Campus, FIU
Overview of the HigherEd Cooperation with Americas. Bogdan Voronovskiy


Session 1.1
Vocational Education in Higher Education Institutions from Brazil
Paulo Leao, Development Director in the Ministry of Education in BRAZIL

11:10-11.30 Coffee-break


Session 2.1
The influence of Universities in restoring life in the Iraqi Cities that have been liberated recently from ISIS gangs
Prof. Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil Al – Essa, The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of IRAQ


Session 3.1
Opportunities and Challenges to engage International Education
Institution in the Iraqi Higher Education Market
Ali Anbori, CEO at IRAQEDU

Session 3.2
Asia’s Outgoing Student Mobility and Recruitment
Irina Stepanenko, International Relations Manager at Begin Group (GERMANY)


Session 4.1
Internationalizations model at Technology Development & Innovation
Virginia Hernández, Internationalization Director at Orinoco Tic Cluster

Session 4.2
New horizons in Morocco: The UEMC experience
Maria Isabel Mansilla Blanco, Professor at European University Miguel De
Cervantes (SPAIN)

13:30-14:30 Networking lunch


Session 5.1
Recruiting in the United States: Engaging with Millennials and
Generation Y
Christopher A. Kerzich, Director of Global Engagement, Director of the
Americas at St Mary’s University London (UK)

Session 5.2
Internationalization of Higher Education in the field of land management,
cadastre and geodesy
Vasily Nilipovskiy, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation at State University
of Land Use Planning (RUSSIA)


Session 6.1
Challenges and successful practices for attracting LATAM students to
European school
Brandon Kirby, Director, MBA Admissions and Marketing at Rotterdam
School of Management, Erasmus University (The NETHERLANDS)

Session 6.2
New Educational Ecosystems
Javier F. Garcia, Academic Dean at Humboldt International University (USA)


Session 7.1
Education in Americas: An Indian perspective on the strategies to be
Pankaj Ramesh Natu, Director at Thakur institute of management studies and
research (INDIA)

Session 7.2
University cooperation opportunities for USA & East African Countries.
Sudhindra Bhat, Deputy Vice Chancellor at ISBAT University (UGANDA)

16:30-16:50 Coffee-break


Session 8.1
The Simpsons and the Study Abroad. Reflecting from the Global South
about the trends on Higher International Education
Andrea Alfonsina Rizzotti, Director of the Latin American Studies Department

Session 8.2
The Influence of Collaborations on Regionalisation and its Impact on Higher
Education Terrain
Catherine Muhonja Aurah, Director, International Relations and Academic
Linkages, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (KENYA)


Session 9.1
Embracing Open Innovation 2.0 enabled University Cooperation between
USA, LATAM and Asia: A Model
Siddharth Jabade, Vice Chancellor at Vishwakarma University (INDIA)

Session 9.2
Session & Speaker TBC

18:00-18:30 Free time for having a rest

18:30-21:00 Networking Dinner

Dec 6   

08:30-09:30 Conference Registration (late arrival)

09:00-09:30 Continental breakfast

09:00-11:00 Prescheduled one-to-one business appointment 1-5

11:00-11:20 Coffee-break

11:20-13:20 Prescheduled one-to-one business appointment 6-10

13:20-14:20 Networking lunch

14:20-16:20 Prescheduled one-to-one business appointment 11-15

16:20-16:40 Coffee-break

16:40-18:40 Prescheduled one-to-one business appointment 16-20

18:40-18:50 Conference Closing

Dec 7   

10:30-14:00 ? Campus-tour to the Florida International University, Biscayne Bay Campus


Dec 2018




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