Las Vegas Market - Summer 2022

  • World Market Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jul 24 - 28, 2022

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Discover the Extraordinary at Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas Market is a world-class experience that’s simple, efficient, and exciting for exhibitors, designers and buyers. All in a cross-category shopping environment for gift, home décor and furniture, Las Vegas Market is located on a state-of-the-art campus. Visit Las Vegas and you'll experience quality accommodations and dining, as well as a strong focus on hospitality and amiability from our service team.

Our collection defines the west.

By featuring a vast array of furniture, home décor and gifts, Las Vegas Market offers great value for brands, retailers and interior designers. We’re the premiere gift and home market in the West, and we continually add depth and diversity to ensure cross-category relevance and make our event a can’t-miss experience.

We are the modern market.
Las Vegas does things differently, and we embody the city’s colorful spirit and sense of discovery with a gift and home market completely focused on the customer experience. We continually innovate in our market, collaborate with our partners and take risks other wouldn’t dare.

Every experience is world-class.

All who visit Las Vegas Market enjoy extraordinary experiences and hospitality throughout the event. From brands both familiar and unexpected to the finish of campus architecture to the engaging service from our staff, it’s an incredibly tactile experience in which every moment is remarkable.

Collaboration is the core of our success.

Working closely with our exhibitors, buying groups and other resources, we develop strong partnerships rooted in trust. Our team remains open to new ideas from our partners as well as within our team, giving us a competitive advantage through flexibility and creativity, while helping us solidify our position as the premiere gift and home market.

It's Buy Time, West Coast Style

We define the modern market experience for attendees who are serious about success, yet delight in a venue that offers an easy-going, West Coast vibe. Whether you're building a lifestyle brand, freshening your seasonal assortment, restocking your warehouse, or sourcing for your next project, Las Vegas Market offers it all, from Area Rugs, Bedding, Casual Furnishings, and Furniture to Gifts, Handmade, Housewares, and Tabletop. Welcome to Las Vegas Market where you can discover the extraordinary.

Why Exhibit?

Access the Buying Power of the West & Beyond

Las Vegas Market  is the only major home furnishings market in the west and is the fastest growing gift and home décor market in the country. This unique offering draws tens of thousands of buyers twice a year from 50 states and 80+ countries, with a heavy concentration on western buyers who do not attend markets in the east or other areas of the country.

A Unique Buyer Base

The Las Vegas Market is the primary West Coast market, attracting mostly western buyers, with only 12% of buyers coming from eastern states. The top ten states represented by buyers at Market are nearly all West Coast, demonstrating the prominence Las Vegas Market holds for western buyers.

Reach New Buyers

Only 10% of LVM attendees also attend High Point Market
Gift and Decor Buyers voted Las Vegas Market the “Best of the West” in an independent survey.

Reach More Buyers With Free Digital Tools

The Las Vegas Market offers world class digital tools to help you attract today’s digitally savvy buyers like never before. Every LVM tenant can now create a free dynamic presence on both our website and app, upload products to get discovered in our Exhibitor Directory, and drive leads and showroom traffic year-round. Visit the Exhibitor Directory to see how hundreds of exhibitors are currently leveraging LVM’s digital tools to generate quality leads and boost sales.

Why Attend Las Vegas Market?
Dreams are realized in the desert, and Las Vegas Market — today reaching more than 5.4 million square feet — is a best example. In short time, it has become “the first and only,” “the fastest growing,” “the gateway,” and “the friendliest,” among other distinctions. Las Vegas Market is the “first and only” market to offer a comprehensive cross-category venue for buyers and interior designers. It’s the “fastest growing” gift market in the United States, with its temporary exhibits alone presenting more than 530 gift and home lines. Las Vegas Market is “the gateway” to opportunities with West Coast and international businesses. And it is described as “the friendliest” market, offering unmatched amenities for all attendees. What dreams will you realize at Las Vegas Market?

Las Vegas Market: Discover the Extraordinary:

Unmatched cross-category product showcase of more than 4,300 brands and lines.
Lively temporary exhibitions offering 530+ gift and home lines
Easy, convenient & affordable travel and accommodations
Entertaining, inspirational & accredited educational programming
Partnerships with 40+ buying groups and associations
Unmatched hospitality & amenities throughout campus
Dynamic host city offering around-the-clock, world-class entertainment

Source: Event Website

Source : Event Website


Future and Past Event Dates

Event Name City State Atendance Exhibitors Date
Las Vegas Market - Summer 2023 Las Vegas Nevada - - Jul 30, 2023
Las Vegas Market - Summer 2022 Las Vegas Nevada - - Jul 24, 2022
Las Vegas Market - Summer 2021 Las Vegas Nevada verified
Aug 22, 2021
Las Vegas Market - Summer 2020 Las Vegas Nevada Estimated
Jul 26, 2020
Las Vegas Market - Summer 2019 Las Vegas Nevada verified
Jul 28, 2019

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