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Feb 2018


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Measles and Mumps: Forgotten Diseases of Recurring Relevance

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Over 6,000 mumps cases were reported in the US during 2016 by the CDC, the highest in a decade. While earlier routine vaccine programs drastically reduced rates of mumps and measles, these diseases have made a comeback – triggering the hunt for new strategies in effective drug development.

 Industry experts from Covance and Euroimmun will cover critical measles and mumps vaccination development issues including: 

  • Concomitant testing needs: any company developing pediatric vaccines for routine use will need to test for measles infection and protection during the clinical evaluation phase
  • How to measure immunity: examining the challenge of differentiating natural antibodies (from natural infection) from vaccine elicited ones
  • Immune profiling of human immune response: measles antibodies as components of serological panels to evaluate immune response before and after treatment

Don’t miss your chance to register for this webinar about the challenges you’ll need to overcome when designing vaccine programs for these resurgent diseases.

Keynote Speakers

Rolando Pajon

Lead Scientist, Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutics

Covance Inc

Rolando Pajon, PhD, completed his studies from the University of Havana Cuba, and went onto leading multi-disciplinary teams for nearly two decades. With more than 20 years of experience in research, development and evaluation of vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, he now leads the Covance Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapies Laboratory Solutions team for the design, qualification, validation, and execution of complex immunological assays. Rolando and his team represent Covance’s reach at providing strategic technical leadership in developing scientific approaches to clients and sponsors on a global scale.


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