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Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City, New York
Jun 10 - Jun 11, 2019

Why Attend

Innovation Events for Three Industries

Connect with leaders in the food, beverage and beer industries. Have conversations with motivated brands, looking to learn and grow through new partnerships. Hundreds of brands will be excited by speakers discussing innovative practices, battle scars, data insights or cases that focus on breaking through or getting to the next level – and the lessons learned in the process.

The natural products space is booming at close to $150 billion dollars annually. Investment is extraordinary with million dollar raises becoming common-place.

The playbook for brands is ever-changing. Big shifts in retail and new players entering the traditional, club and direct-to-consumer channels are causing brands to ask big questions. Come to NOSH Live and immerse your brand in two days of industry navigation and networking to find partners that can help you execute your vision.


    Refrigerated, heated, mixed, multi-serve, we want everyone to participate. Put your food in the hands of industry decision makers and gatekeepers.

    Food that requires handling will be served during our two-hour sampling and networking experience on day 1 of the conference.

    Foods are prepared by our staff following your directions. Spend your time sampling products, meeting entrepreneurs, learning and networking.

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