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Ohio Association for Career & Technical Education 2019 Meeting

Hilton Columbus at Easton, Columbus, Ohio
Jul 29 - Jul 31, 2019



The Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education is the only state-wide, professional organization for all career-technical and adult educators and supporters.

Members include career-technical and adult educators in all parts of the state of Ohio and are teachers, instructors, administrators, directors and superintendents.  Together, association members work to provide exceptional instruction for students who want to get a head start on their career and enter the workforce with skills and knowledge that are in demand.

Mission:  Advocate for career-technical and adult education (CTE) in Ohio and offer educators the information, representation and resources they need to provide outstanding educational opportunities for students of all ages and abilities.

Vision:  Be at the forefront of innovative educational techniques and processes to equip educators to meet or exceed their students’ educational goals and life expectations while pursuing their career calling.


Today, many parents of high-school age students remember that going to the vocational school meant you weren't going to college.  That is not true today, as career-technical education students must meet the same academic requirements of all high school students as well as complete additional coursework in their chosen field. In fact, most students go on to college - almost 60% to 70% according to Ohio Department of Education stats


In Ohio, every student has the opportunity to enroll in a career technical education course.  Click here to find the career-technical high school that serves you.

Career Technical Education is not just vocational training. Career Technical Education (CTE) combines academic and occupational course work, to help prepare students for not only their future careers, but post-secondary education as well. CTE students obtain skills and training that would not otherwise be available.

About Career Technical Education In Ohio:

1. Excellent Graduation Rates
98% of all CTE students graduated last year. This is more than the average rate in the for the state of Ohio. CTE makes course work applicable to the “real world” so students can see how they will use their education on a day-to-day basis.

2. CTE is for Younger Students Too!
There are over 276,600 7-8 grade students in Ohio and now career tech is available to them. Middle-grade educators can now teach select career-tech courses. This exposes younger students to career fields that would not otherwise be available to them until they enter high school.

3. Over Half of CTE Students Go On To College
Some believe that CTE only prepares students for the workforce, when in fact over 50 percent of Ohio CTE students go on to higher education programs. CTE programs get students thinking about their future at an earlier stage and even give them skill sets prior to going on to earn a four-year degree.

4. Different Career Paths
CTE students can graduate and immediately begin careers in fields such as engineering, construction technology and transportation systems. Other career areas include agriculture/environmental studies, manufacturing technology, information technology, marketing, finance, hospitality/tourism, business, health science, human services, arts and communication, law, and education.

5. It's On The Rise!
Many jobs of the future will require some post-secondary training, but not a bachelor’s degree. CTE programs can educate students so that they can be employed either directly out of high school or shortly after. Ohio is in need of skilled professionals to occupy these positions and help boost the economy overall.

Source: Event Website

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Columbus, Ohio
Hilton Columbus at Easton

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Columbus, Ohio
Hilton Columbus at Easton

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