SIVB In Vitro Biology Meeting 2020 - Society for In Vitro Biology

  • Town & Country Resort & Convention Center, San Diego, California
  • Jun 6 - 10, 2020

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Why Attend

Event Overview:

This is a special opportunity to meet with fellow scientists from around the world as they discuss topics pertaining to the latest research and discoveries in in vitro plant and animal biology and biotechnology. SIVB’s annual meetings provide novel opportunities for intimate conversation with exceptional colleagues and potential mentors, and can offer dynamic perspectives on in vitro cell culture and biotechnology.

Meet those who make the science

SIVB Meetings offer top notch science in an intimate setting. There’s no getting lost in a huge crowd. Talk one-on-one in a friendly atmosphere with leading experts, attend scientific sessions where they present their latest research in In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences and Plant Biotechnology during keynote and plenary symposia, symposia and workshops. Then take the opportunity to share your accomplishments with them. This is a terrific venue to create new connections, make new friends, and discover new knowledge to inspire your scientific pursuits for today and into the future.


The SIVB will host a Science and Technology Exhibition for industry and academic institutions to showcase their technologies, programs and products at the In Vitro Biology Meeting. This is an opportunity for organizations to meet face-to-face with hundreds of researchers and professionals from around the world who are working in the fields of plant and animal biotechnology, cell and tissue culture, genetics, genomics transformation, micropropagation, toxicology, cellular pathology, virology, tissue engineering and more. 

Exhibitor Information:

Who Should Exhibit?

Biological Equipment Manufacturers and Biological Suppliers… Introduce new products or reinforce the availability of your current product lines.

Computer and Software Manufacturers…Show our members how to address their personal and professional computer needs.

Gift/Novelty suppliers…Sell your science-based artwork, crafts, t-shirts, etc., directly to our nature enthusiasts.

Government Agencies…Disseminate information about current policies, programs, and services.

Industrial Corporations…Present your company’s important research and developments.

Information Services…Provide hands on demonstrations of scientific and technical databases to our scientists.

Microscope Manufacturers and Suppliers…Show your most advanced equipment to encourage new research possibilities.

Photography Equipment Manufacturers…Demonstrate the latest technological advances in photography.

Publishers…Display textbooks, professional journals, and research publications.

Tissue culture and biotechnology industry and academic institutions…Share your current programs and research with others actively working in the field.

And more… Do you have an interesting service or product that could be of use to our attendees? Here is your chance to display it and explain its value face-to-face to our scientists and researchers.

About SIVB:

SIVB is a professional society devoted to fostering the exchange of knowledge of in vitro biology of cells, tissues and organs from both plant and animals (including humans). The focus is on biological research, development, and applications of significance to science and society.

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Annual Report

Future and Past Event Dates

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- Jun 05, 2021
SIVB In Vitro Biology Meeting 2020 - Society for In Vitro Biology San Diego California verified
- Jun 06, 2020
SIVB In Vitro Biology Meeting 2019 - Society for In Vitro Biology Tampa Florida - - Jun 08, 2019
SIVB In Vitro Biology Meeting 2018 - Society for In Vitro Biology - - Jun 02, 2018

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