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South Carolina State Fair 2019

South Carolina State Fairgrounds, Columbia, South Carolina
Oct 09 - Oct 20, 2019


Event Overview:

Organized in 1869, the South Carolina State Fair continues to keep its very important agricultural roots alive, while offering fun, food, education and great competitive exhibit opportunities for all. Each October, people of all ages come to Columbia to participate in the South Carolina State Fair, one of the TOP 50 Fairs in the United States. Exhibits as well as livestock competitions and entertainment draw both rural and urban crowds.

Today, the State Agricultural and Mechanical Society of South Carolina has full responsibility for the operation of the fair and much of the proceeds are provided to charitable organizations throughout the state. Though the fair is still considered the "State Fair", it is not state-owned and receives no appropriation from the State of South Carolina.

The Society has 6 buildings, total

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