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IMN's 16th Annual New York Non-Listed Alternatives Product Symposium 2019

Marriott New York Downtown, New York City, New York
Jun 24 - Jun 25, 2019

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About IMN:

IMN, founded in 1994, is a global organizer of institutional finance & investment conferences. In 2004, the business was acquired by Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, a UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Hosting over 60 global events annually, IMN conferences are the catalyst for information exchange and deal transacting, by providing a platform that informs, engages and delivers a competitive edge. We deliver timely insights from industry-leading experts, providing attendees the knowledge and resources required to make well-informed business decisions. We carefully structure our audience with a balanced buy-sell ratio, ensuring representation of the full spectrum of industry participants.

Our unique 1:1 networking software, functional and convenient venues, private meeting space offerings, and networking activities provide the ideal environment to foster important business interactions. These business interactions represent significant flows of capital and investment that underpin major parts of the global economy.

Our combination of thorough, cutting-edge programs, strong deal-making opportunities and customer service has resulted in a peerless reputation for our platform in the marketplace.

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Where Should The Smart Money Be Invested? Assessing The Macro-Economic Outlook + Demographic & Social Trends

This session offers insights into which asset classes/investment strategies offer the best mid-long-term investment potential and market downturn protection. First, we examine the macro-economic outlook at what it means for CRE (commercial real estate) and credit-related investments.

Secondly, we analyze key demographic/lifestyle trends and technological advancements that are changing the use of real estate and, ultimately, what it means for CRE investment.

Are we headed towards recession? What signals are there? When will the current cycle end? National vs. local cycles: What sectors would hold up in a down-cycle?

What macro-economic trends and fiscal policy – domestic and international – will likely have the greatest impact on CRE/credit-orientated investments in the next year?

Curtailed immigration: The impact of shortages in labor, renters, buyers on assets/markets
Ride-sharing and driverless cars: Has there been a discernable impact on retail, offices, residential communities, parking lots?

Are innovators in property (re)development to meet the changing needs of Millennials/Seniors in living, working, commerce, leisure and health-related real estate seeing dividends?

Which asset types are garnering significant investor interest based on evolving demographic and social trends?
Which asset types/markets are the ones to watch for the greatest investment potential over the next 3-7+ years, particularly when factoring in the macro-economic outlook? Which offer greater downturn protections than others?

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Source : Event Website
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