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FPSA process expo 2019 - Food Processing Suppliers Association

McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, Illinois
Oct 08 - Oct 11, 2019

Why Attend

Food and beverage processors and packaging professionals from small to large companies across the globe attend PROCESS EXPO in Chicago, USA. Produced by FPSA, PROCESS EXPO combines a trade show with an education program dedicated to bringing the latest technology and integrated solutions to all segments of the food and beverage processing and packaging industry.

 CFS’ Food Safety Specialist, Cari Rasmussen, will be present at the Intralox Booth 2618 to discuss your food safety challenges. On Wednesday Oct 9th, she will also be  speaking during the PROCESS EXPO University Sessions on “Evidence based methods for effective automated wet cleaning in Spirals and beyond”. Join Cari’s session in the Food Safety Theater (Booth 468) at 10:00AM.

Spirals are critical and indispensable systems in industrialized food processing, and entire production lines rely on the up-time of spiral systems. At the same time spirals assets can be complex and are often a headache to effectively clean in and efficient, repeatable and reliable manner.

CFS and Intralox embarked on a journey to look for the best, evidence-based, automated wet cleaning solutions in Modular Plastic Belting (MPB) spiral freezer and cooler applications. In an empirical research, different Clean in Place (CIP) devices were tested to determine the most effective solution for soil removal.

The research determined parameters for optimal performance such as type of spray device, nozzle size, distance, optimal utilities, and belt speed. These values have been determined to be effective against multiple soils under routine sanitation applications and are recommended as a baseline for determining optimal operating conditions for each facility unique to their infrastructure and equipment. These parameters are available to use as a reference for designing automated MPB cleaning systems.

While the research intent was to provide baseline guidance on automated spiral wet cleaning, we concluded the parameters determined have applicability in optimizing the cleaning of other MPB conveyance applications beyond spirals. Cari will deliver all the scientific results and you’ll walk away with practical learnings:

1. A useful overview of the evidence-based Parameters for optimizing automated belt cleaning systems, that you can apply to your critical pieces of equipment like spiral systems.
2. An understanding of all considerations that you need to take into account, like the importance of gallons per minute (GPM),belt speed and impact on dwell time, thawing and water temperatures, when automating (spiral) MPB cleaning.
3. How important business objectives like regulations, sustainability and cost savings can be positively impacted by optimized automated cleaning solutions for your spirals and other MPB conveying systems.

Source: Event Website

Source : Event Website

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