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Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association 2020 National Conference

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, Orlando, Florida
May 06 - May 08, 2020

Online due to CORONAVIRUS.

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About the CSCCa:

One of the greatest factors to have affected competitive athletics has been the incorporation of organized strength & conditioning programs into high school, collegiate, and professional athletic programs across the country.

Strength & Conditioning programs have made competitive athletics more explosive and more exciting, as athletes have made great improvements in strength, power, speed, speed endurance, and body control. During the early 1970's, several intuitive universities, realizing the importance of the role of strength & conditioning, created a new full-time position--the strength & conditioning coach.

Since that time, strength and conditioning programs have become an integral part of athletic programs across the country. Many universities today have large conditioning staffs to meet the increased demands placed on the strength and conditioning coach.

The following is a brief overview of the association's goals:

Regaining our identity as professionals as collegiate strength & conditioning coaches and having a full-time strength & conditioning coach at every university/college and eventually at every high school with a competitive athletic program.

We strongly discourage dual job responsibilities, i.e., strength & conditioning coach and, for example, sport coach, athletic trainer, physical therapist, personal trainer, teacher/researcher, etc., because each of these areas in and of itself is extremely broad and vast in scope, making it impossible to stay current on applicable research, skills, techniques, etc., while performing duties in more than one area.

In addition, dual certification in more than one of these areas potentially decreases the quality and quantity of jobs available to the full-time, collegiate strength & conditioning coach.

Complete unification of all collegiate strength & conditioning coaches.

Encouraging loyalty to the association and to fellow strength & conditioning coaches/members of the association. This includes providing assistance to those members who have lost their jobs, through the posting of job openings, free of charge, on the CSCCa website, as well as promoting networking among CSCCa members themselves.

Improving the respect, salaries, status, and job security of the collegiate strength and conditioning coach through making athletic administrators aware of the value of the strength and conditioning coach, as well as the level of education, experience, and expertise necessary to become a full-time strength and conditioning coach.

Providing opportunities for professional development for all collegiate strength & conditioning coaches (knowledge, research, skills, techniques, philosophies, etc.) in educational settings (clinics, symposiums, seminars, National Conferences, newsletters, internet, etc.), as well as through the sharing of experience and expertise among the strength & conditioning coaches themselves. The association will do everything possible to keep collegiate strength & conditioning coaches current on the latest research and its application in the field.

Bridging the gap between exercise science/research and its practical application in the field of strength & conditioning by providing opportunities for students to complete practicums/internships/residencies/graduate assistantships under a head or Master Strength & Conditioning Coach with the SCCC certification.

Promoting/opposing legislation and policies within the NCAA to serve the best interest of the student athlete and the collegiate strength & conditioning coach.

Providing effective communication, as well as promoting positive relationships with the media, the public, as well as other professional organizations.

Exhibitor Information:

The CSCCa would like to invite your company to be a part of the 2019 CSCCa National Conference held May 8-10, 2019, in Kansas City, MO. Conference and exhibit space will be located at the Kansas City Convention Center and Kansas City Downtown Marriott Hotel.

If you would like to exhibit, please send the completed Exhibitor Contract with your top 3 booth selections and feel free to contact the CSCCa National Office.


The Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association (CSCCa) was formed in May 2000. Strength & Conditioning Coaches from colleges and universities around the country joined together to form this new association.

This organization has unlimited potential and has already had a significant impact in the area of strength & conditioning, as well as in the areas of health, fitness, and wellness.

Bringing all these academic institutions together has created a tremendous resource of knowledge, philosophies, experience, and expertise for strength & conditioning coaches, as well as for others in the areas of health, fitness, and wellness.

The members voted to extend membership to include strength and conditioning coaches of professional athletic programs at the 2006 National Conference.

The strength & conditioning coaches are perhaps the most highly trained fitness professionals in the world and are responsible for the training of literally hundreds of thousands of athletes each year. These strength & conditioning coaches are considered by many to be the best in the business.

Interested in Speaking?

If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring a speaker at the 2019 CSCCa National Conference, please feel free to submit a proposal including the topic and speaker. While there is no deadline for speaker proposals, the 2019 Speaker Committee has already begun the process of reviewing proposals and we recommend submitting proposals as soon as possible.

CSCCa Annual National Conference

The CSCCa hosts a national conference each year. This event is designed to keep strength and conditioning coaches current on the latest developments in the field. Please plan to attend the CSCCa annual national conference each year.

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