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TMSA Logistics and Marketing Sales Conference - 2019

Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia City, Florida
Jun 09 - Jun 11, 2019



A Diverse Multi-modal Membership

TMSA is the only association dedicated to advancing the success of marketing and sales professionals in all modes of the commercial freight transportation market.

From president and vice president to manager, director and coordinator, members are at all levels and represent all market segments including motor carriers, 3PLs, railroads, air carriers, ocean lines, port authorities, OEMs, media and suppliers.

Who We Are & Why You Belong:

The One-and-Only association serving marketing, sales and communications professionals in transportation and logistics

All Are Welcome: For young professionals as well as executive level decision-makers

Stay Abreast of Trends: Grow professionally through education on trends and issues

It’s Who You Know: Broaden industry networks and networking with mentors

Make A Difference: Create a real impact on your career and your business

Get Experience & Knowledge: Access to learn about all market segments of the transportation industry from those who do it every day

What’s all the Buzz around Customer Experience (CX)?

You have an amazing new website and great capabilities presentation, the sales team has more leads than they know what to do with, and you’re bringing in new customers left and right! Then, you find out a new customer had to wait on hold yesterday to reach your company’s service representative for a whopping 82 minutes.

Or that their shipment was never delivered and four days later, you’re still not able to tell them why. Or worse, they inquired about purchasing another service from you on your website, and never heard from anyone to get it rolling.

These are all symptoms many industry organizations face when tackling the critical topic of CX. According to Jeff Davis, founder of Jd2 Consulting and TMSA’s 2018 Conference Keynote, 2020 will be year that CX overtakes price and product as key brand differentiators.

Attending this conference will empower you to:

Leverage transportation-specific expertise in CX for the benefit of your company’s growth and expansion

Speak knowledgeably about the strategies and tactics necessary to deliver an impactful CX

Socialize ideas and action plans with other customer stakeholders well beyond just the Customer Service department, including answering the age old question of “Who owns CX in my company, anyway?”

Revise, improve and prioritize your sales and marketing programs to be more customer-centric

Formulate, execute and measure multi-channel, multi-faceted initiatives and support that help you deliver more value to customers as they engage with you and your company

Sales Leaders Learn to Leverage Coaching, Training, Resources:

Ultimately, sales leaders are responsible for ensuring their sales teams have the coaching, tools and processes they need to be successful. Attend this day-long workshop to learn how to:

Effectively coach your sales team and continuously develop their skills

Decrease sales cycle time with a stronger, more effective team

Identify where your employees are “getting stuck” in the sales process

Create a culture of accountability and continuous development

Put team and individual development plans in place to heighten skills & knowledge
Monitor employee milestone & metrics that matter most

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Amelia City, Florida
Amelia Island Plantation

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