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Jan 2018


Anaheim Marriott Hotel 700 West Convention Way Anaheim , California 92802
Tel: (714) 750-8000
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Western Fairs Association Convention

1,500 129 $


Fairs serve as a complex and diverse industry that provide many unique opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and connect.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Rita Murray

You will discover how each generation achieved its identity based on numerous variables: work ethic, values, idiosyncrasies, conflict resolution preferences, and styles of managing and being managed. Exploring attitudes that affect team building and on the job work habits, you will hear how to enhance the success of your Fair and all its contingent generational relationships. Determine to become more “generationally relevant” and make better business decisions. You will gain an understanding of the basic generational differences and how to start developing strategies for working more successfully with members of all five generations.

Dr. Rita Murray is back by popular demand from our 2016 Fall Manager’s Conferenceand she’s bringing with her a big dose of reality on the nonprofit business operations front. Workforce demographic and socioeconomic events continue to collide across our Fairs producing the biggest employment, management and engagement issues ever – a perfect storm of opportunity. And, the changes we are facing won't disappear after a year or two. This isn't the hundred yard dash, folks. We’re signed up for a marathon. By 2020, Millennials will comprise nearly 50% of the US workforce. More than ever, it is urgent that we understand the “new rules of engagement” and value the four different generations and the gaps between them, which have many applications and implications -- the ways we buy and sell, lead and follow, communicate, and interact with authority and technology. One area that Dr. Rita will not sugarcoat is the glaring difference between older and younger Millennials – Millennials born 1981-1990 vs. Millennials born 1991-2000 – and the high cost of delay in acknowledging their differences.

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