Charlene Soucy
Marketing & Events Director
Questex LLC

Charlene Soucy is the Marketing Director for the Technology Group at Questex LLC, a leading global business information company headquartered in Newton, MA. For the past nine years, she has run integrated marketing campaigns for a variety of technology brands, including Sensors Expo & Conference and Sensors Online. Prior to Questex, Charlene worked in Tech PR. She is the proud dog mom of Braxton Eisenhower, a wheaten terrier mix, and enjoys spending her time traveling, reading, and trying new restaurants.


Sensors Expo Focuses on Tech and Innovation Leaders
Mukesh Buch
June 23, 2017

Can you give a brief overview of the Sensors Expo & Conference?

Sensors Expo & Conference is North America's premier event focused exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems. For over 30 years, Sensors has brought attention to the technical and innovation leadership professionals involved in the development and deployment of sensors and sensing systems.

Our keynote speaker this year is Dr. Alexander Selhke from the NASA Ames Research Center. He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and will present an interesting talk on the diverse types of sensors that are being used to facilitating life in space.

When and where will the event be held this year?

Sensors Expo & Conference 2017 is taking place June 27-29 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

The 3-day program explores cutting-edge trends and applications including: energy harvesting and power; flexible and wearable technology; IoT and wireless; measurement and detection; MEMS and sensors; novel sensor applications; optical sensing and detection; sensors and embedded systems; and sensor data.

The event will showcase and display over 300 of the latest sensors.

What is the focus of the event who attends?

We are expecting over 6,000 professionals to attend. The attendees cover the spectrum those interested in sensors and sensing-related technologies, including research engineers, scientist, entrepreneurs, investors, and reporters.

They attend each year to either, see where the industry is heading, or find a sensor to incorporate in their latest project. We also expect to have around 350 exhibitors.

How do you keep up with sensor technology?

There are so many diverse types of sensors and applications emerging every day that it’s tough to keep track of them. We try to keep abreast of the field, but at the same time we don’t want stray too far beyond our core focus.

Each year we introduce new tracks or different workshops to try to capture the latest, cutting-edge technologies; but, at the same time, we try to maintain our core tracks focused on measurement and detection; research and development; and energy harvesting.

Sensors Expo Brings in Focus Tech and Innovation Leaders

How many tracks do you have this year?

We have ten tracks this year.

One new track we have introduced this year is Sensors Data and Data Analytics, and its application to Wearable Sensors & Performance in major league sports including the AL, NL, NHL, NBA, and NFL.

Ben Hansen, the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Motus Global is going to talk about how wearables and flexible technologies can be used to prevent injuries in different sports, as well as in workplace safety.

In addition, we have a session that evaluates the market for augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Another session focuses on deep learning and machine learning through artificial intelligence.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is conducting a session about their IoT ecosystem and will review case studies on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What do you have planned for the automotive area?

We have launched a new workshop on Automotive & Autonomous Vehicle this year along with a half-day workshop. There will be three different panels: one on processing and analysis; one on machine learning; and one on different sense technologies.

Some of these sensors that are already in the autonomous vehicle components, like Lidar, radar, and cameras. They are becoming more cost effective, which allows auto manufactures to offer more advanced features.

Who are your key exhibitors this year?

TE Connectivity is a company that is returning this year. They are a connectivity and sensor company that specializes in several different sensor technologies including: ultrasonic, vibration, temperature, position, humidity, medical, and wearable.

Another exhibitor, who has been part of our show for a long time, is ROHM Co., Ltd. based in Santa Clara. They are planning several product announcements related to some of their accelerometers and UV sensors. They are also planning a demo of their Machine Health product, which provides real-time monitoring of mechanical, environmental and optical failures. It integrates five or six distinct types of sensors along with accelerometers that monitor the operation of a single system.

What are some of the other attractions you will have at event?

On Tuesday, June 27, we have our pre-conference workshop and a small kick-off party for special guests.

We will also present our Engineering Excellence Awards: one for somebody that’s been in this industry for the past decade, and one for the engineering team of the year, and one for a rising star.

On Wednesday, we have our Expo Floor Reception and will be giving out an award to the top exhibitor.

We have added new VIP Pass option this year that gives attendees access to priority registration and a VIP lounge, which will offer refreshments all day long and the opportunity to meet with our editorial team.

We also have initiated a university program this year, which will provide a place where academic and industry professionals have an opportunity to meet.

The event will showcase and display over 300 of the latest sensors.

Can you tell us about the WISE Program?

We started the Women in Sensor Engineering (WISE) Program last year and have decided to expand it to a three-hour program this year. It will start with a panel session with four women from different areas of engineering.

They will talk about their experiences in the profession and how they were drawn into the field of engineering. That will be followed by an open roundtable discussion.

The roundtable topics will include: building a high-performing team; successful career paths; capitalizing on female power; and emotional intelligence and competing in a male dominated industry. The roundtable will be followed by a cocktail reception.

Who organizes this event?

We are owned by a company called Questex, LLC based in Newton, MA. The company is a global, business-to-business, information company that publishes magazines and organizers events for a wide range of verticals and industries all over the world.

Sensors Expo is sponsored by our sister publication Sensors Online.

Are there any other events that Questex holds in the U.S.?

Questex organizes dozens of other events. In this specific area, we have a Sensors Midwest Show, which takes place in October in Rosemont and a Medical Sensors Design Conference that took place outside of Austin.

Then we have many other events in hospitality and travel; beauty and wellness; life sciences and healthcare; information and communications; and nightclub and bars.

Not all of our evens as a large as Sensors. The HOTEC Design event, for example, draws only about 100 people total counting sponsors and attendees. These events are more one-on-one meetings and networking receptions as opposed to a large trade shows or conference programs.

The Drug Development Forum is another small event with about 200 attendees; but it is an interesting event due to the exciting developments happening in the biotech and clinical trial world.

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