Name Category Topics City State Fees $ Action
Natalie Forest
Keynote Speaker Baltimore Maryland $3,000
Drew Boyd
Keynote Speaker Inside the Box Innovation: The Systematic Inventive Thinking Method Cincinnati Ohio $3,000
Jennifer Martin
Seminar Leader Tapping into Brilliance - Taking the best of you to work and life Ojai California $3,000
Aleasa Word
Keynote Speaker I Am The Storm Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Ruth van Vierzen
Seminar Leader Business Development Peterborough Ontario $3,000
Jim Kaat
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal and Humorous Baseball Stories West Park California $3,000
Tom Grandy
Professional Speaker Fifteen Things All Successful Companies Have In Common Adairville Kentucky $3,000
Megan Driscoll
Keynote Speaker Living a Life of Meaning and Purpose Boston Massachusetts $3,000
Will Clark
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Baton Rouge Louisiana $3,000
Johnny Bench
Athletes Coaches Execs The Vowels of Success Miami Florida $3,000
Celeste DeCamps
Keynote Speaker Empowerment Through Movement Queens New York $3,000
Lindsay Adams
Keynote Speaker Getting people to say YES! When they would normally say NO! Brisbane, Australia $3,000
Kevin Briggs
Keynote Speaker Negotiations/Active Listening Skills Petaluma $3,000
Jeremy Stone
Keynote Speaker Leadership Montana $3,000
Eric Noel
Keynote Speaker GEO-ECONOMIST QUEBEC Quebec $3,000
Leisa Reid
Professional Speaker Creating a Winning Mindset Orange California $3,000
Brenda Viola
Professional Speaker Avoiding Burnout and Finding Joy (Again) Sarasota Florida $3,000
Juanita McDowell
Professional Speaker Motivation - Get Sticky Goal Setting Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Moe Vela
Keynote Speaker Building on Our Commonalities and Celebrating our Differences Gaithersburg Maryland $3,000
Ellen Zachos
Keynote Speaker Wild Edible Plants & Mushrooms Santa Fe New Mexico $3,000
Andy Cohen
Keynote Speaker Challenge Your Assumptions and Change Your World: Challenge Your Assumptions and Change Your World Manhattan New York $3,000
Bill Bray
Athletes Coaches Execs The Art of Negotiating Williamsburg Virginia $3,000
Robin Crow
Keynote Speaker Customer Service Nashville Tennessee $3,000
Ari Schonbrun
Keynote Speaker Miracles & Fate on 78 - A 9/11 Story of Inspiration Cedarhurst New York $3,000
Jim Palmer
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Baltimore Maryland $3,000
Scott Lesnick
Keynote Speaker Leadership Boca Raton Florida $3,000
Marcey Rader
Keynote Speaker Task Mastery Raleigh North Carolina $3,000
Steven Hausman, Ph.D.
Keynote Speaker Emerging technologies that include robotics, 3D printing, drones, bionics (artifical limbs and organs), nanotechnolgy and self-driving and electric vehicles Maryland $3,000
Len Ferman
Keynote Speaker Creating a Culture of Innovation Jacksonville Florida $3,000
doc. PEACE
Keynote Speaker doc.PEACE of Mind Method San Diego California $3,000
Michael Jeffreys
Keynote Speaker Advanced Communication and Sales Strategies Waterford Michigan $3,000
Breeda Miller
Keynote Speaker Take a Break Before You Break Manchester Michigan $3,000
Tessa Morgan
Keynote Speaker Stress Relief Denton Texas $3,000
Stephen Shapiro
Keynote Speaker Innovation Orlando Florida $3,000
Lorraine Bossé-Smith
Keynote Speaker Defy Your Diagnosis Phoenix Arizona $3,000
Alan Ashby
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories; Houston Texas $3,000
Shane Green
Keynote Speaker Company Culture Las Vegas Nevada $3,000
Scott Mautz
Keynote Speaker The Secret to High-Performing Organizations Cincinnati Ohio $3,000
Dan Seidman
Keynote Speaker Sales Training What's Missing Barrington Illinois $3,000
Art Costello
Keynote Speaker Expectation For Productivity & Profit Austin Texas $3,000
Nick Night
Keynote Speaker Customer relations Monrovia California $3,000
Michael Nick
Keynote Speaker Return on Investment West Bend Wisconsin $3,000
Charles Araujo
Keynote Speaker San Diego California $3,000
Barbara Khozam
Keynote Speaker Customer Service San Diego California $3,000
Gary Hernbroth
Professional Speaker Leadership/Management Danville California $3,000
John Manzella
Keynote Speaker International Business and Trade Policy Amherst New York $3,000
Annika Sorensen
Keynote Speaker Leadership with less stress $3,000
Mary Kelly
Keynote Speaker Economics Dallas Texas $3,000
Sharon Alston
Keynote Speaker Empowerment Hackensack New Jersey $3,000
Harold Reynolds
Athletes Coaches Execs Inspiration New York City New York $3,000