Name Category Topics City State Fees $ Action
Andy Albertini
Keynote Speaker Change Management Dallas Texas $3,000
Codi Shewan
Keynote Speaker Managing Change Toronto Ontario $3,000
Mark Edmead
Trainer Technology Innovation Palm Desert California $3,000
David Grossman
Keynote Speaker Leadership Skills Chicago Illinois $3,000
Dr Karen Jacobson
Keynote Speaker Leadership Scottsdale Arizona $3,000
Ellen Zachos
Keynote Speaker Wild Edible Plants & Mushrooms Santa Fe New Mexico $3,000
Mike Schmidt
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Jupiter Florida $3,000
CJ Scarlet
Keynote Speaker Elevator Girl: Living with the Ups and Downs of Mental Illness Raleigh North Carolina $3,000
Gary Oppenheimer
Keynote Speaker Solving Food Waste Through The Faith Community Newfoundland New Jersey $3,000
Athletes Coaches Execs Overcoming Adversity New York City New York $3,000
Diane Helbig
Keynote Speaker Sales LAKEWOOD Ohio $3,000
Carma Spence
Keynote Speaker Public Speaking Long Beach California $3,000
Sherrie Dunlevy
Keynote Speaker How Can I Help? Wheeling West Virginia $3,000
Agustin Argelich
Keynote Speaker Leadership Barcelona $3,000
Leisa Reid
Professional Speaker Creating a Winning Mindset Orange California $3,000
Steven Hausman, Ph.D.
Keynote Speaker Emerging technologies that include robotics, 3D printing, drones, bionics (artifical limbs and organs), nanotechnolgy and self-driving and electric vehicles Maryland $3,000
Donisia Forrester
Professional Speaker Overcoming Stinking Thinking McKinney Texas $3,000
Derek Daly
Keynote Speaker Culture of EXTRAordinary: How to shift from Good2Great2Extraordinary Indianapolis Indiana $3,000
Gloria Starr
Keynote Speaker Executive Presence Naples Florida $3,000
Ken Countess
Keynote Speaker Digital Marketing - How to Get The Most Out of It Orlando Florida $3,000
Tommy John
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Los Angeles California $3,000
David Moore
Professional Speaker Become a Leader Worth Following New York City New York $3,000
Brandon Kelly
Keynote Speaker E.Y.E. 2 E.Y.E Elevate Your Effort to Elevate Your Excellence! Kaysville Utah $3,000
David Brady
Keynote Speaker Science of Selling West Vancouver British Columbia $3,000
Keynote Speaker Leadership New York New York $3,000
Lindsay Adams
Keynote Speaker Getting people to say YES! When they would normally say NO! Brisbane, Australia $3,000
Dale Murphy
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Salt Lake City Utah $3,000
Michelle Tillis Lederman, CSP, PCC
Keynote Speaker Relationship Driven Leader SOUTH ORANGE New Jersey $3,000
Tina Hallis
Keynote Speaker Sharpening Your Positive Edge - Shifting Your Thoughts for More Positivity & Success Madison Wisconsin $3,000
Harold Reynolds
Athletes Coaches Execs Inspiration New York City New York $3,000
Theresa Worthy
Keynote Speaker Your Story is the key to Resilience Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Jag Randhawa
Keynote Speaker Innovation San Francisco California $3,000
Dr. Matt Frahm
Keynote Speaker Living the Real Definition of Health Milwaukee Wisconsin $3,000
Les Norman
Keynote Speaker Servant Leadership Kansas City Missouri $3,000
Orna Drawas
Keynote Speaker Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch Raleigh North Carolina $3,000
Marc Griffiths
Keynote Speaker Reach for the Stars! Loganville Georgia $3,000
Johnny Positive
Keynote Speaker Resiliency Temecula California $3,000
Shara Evans
Keynote Speaker Future of Work Philadelphia (and Sydney) Pennsylvania $3,000
Katie Mares
Keynote Speaker Perception is their Reality; How to Create a Personalized Five-Star Experience Toronto Ontario $3,000
Keith Harmeyer
Keynote Speaker Innovation Miami/Fort Lauderdale Florida $3,000
Eldonna Fernandez
Keynote Speaker Think Like A Negotiator Irvine California $3,000
Lorraine Bossé-Smith
Keynote Speaker Defy Your Diagnosis Phoenix Arizona $3,000
Stephen Shapiro
Keynote Speaker Innovation Orlando Florida $3,000
Robert Vieira
Keynote Speaker Building Teams That Last Fremont California $3,000
Eric Davis
Professional Speaker Overcoming Adversity Phoenix Arizona $3,000
David Lupberger
Keynote Speaker Managing the Emotional Homeowner Colorado $3,000
Kathy Bernard
Keynote Speaker LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing St. Louis Missouri $3,000
Danny Creed
Keynote Speaker Grass Roots Leadership Phoenix Arizona $3,000
Carl W Zev
Keynote Speaker Prosperity Mindset Montclair New Jersey $3,000
Harriet Russell
Keynote Speaker Multicultural Teams Columbia Station Ohio $3,000