Name Category Topics City State Fees $ Action
Jeanie Cisco-Meth
Trainer Taming The Bully Between Your Ears Cedar Hills Utah $3,000
Andy Benes
Athletes Coaches Execs Overcoming Addiction St. Louis Missouri $3,000
Keynote Speaker Future trends - LOS GATOS California $3,000
Corey Perlman
Keynote Speaker Social Media/Digital Marketing Roswell Georgia $3,000
Ruben Amaro, Jr.
Athletes Coaches Execs Inspiration and Motivation Philadelphia Pennsylvania $3,000
Bob DeStefano
Keynote Speaker B2B Online Marketing Red Bank New Jersey $3,000
Frank Tanana
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Detroit Michigan $3,000
Athletes Coaches Execs Overcoming Adversity New York City New York $3,000
Leisa Reid
Professional Speaker Creating a Winning Mindset Orange California $3,000
Dan Snell
Keynote Speaker Walk Through Your Day... The Winsome Way Overland Park Kansas $3,000
Malik Haddadi
Entertainer General Entertainment, Fully Customizable Holbrook Massachusetts $3,000
Marc Gordon
Keynote Speaker Customer Experience Toronto Ontario $3,000
Lou Brock
Athletes Coaches Execs Overcoming Adversity St. Louis Missouri $3,000
Keynote Speaker Total Market Domination! Tampa Florida $3,000
John Smoltz
Athletes Coaches Execs Anecdotal Baseball Stories Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Frank Kitchen
Keynote Speaker Leadership Phoenix Arizona $3,000
James Capra
Keynote Speaker Leading From the Heart at the Front Line Argyle Texas $3,000
Cal Ripken Jr
Athletes Coaches Execs Keys to Perseverance Baltimore Maryland $3,000
Leigh Cowan
Keynote Speaker New Breed Corporate Governance Sydney, Australia Hawaii $3,000
Bob Mason
Keynote Speaker Motivation and Engagement Albuquerque New Mexico $3,000
Lew Bayer
Keynote Speaker Civility Winnipeg Manitoba $3,000
Linda Ockwell-Jenner
Keynote Speaker Creating a Culture for Millennials focuses on the fundamental shift that businesses need in evolving their communications culture to remain effective in a changing workplace. As baby boomers cycle out of the workplace, i Waterloo Ontario $3,000
John Kruk
Athletes Coaches Execs Overcoming Adversity Naples Florida $3,000
Theresa Worthy
Keynote Speaker Your Story is the key to Resilience Atlanta Georgia $3,000
Michael Hill
Workshop Facilitator Improving Employee Performance Indianapolis Indiana $3,000
Larry Johnson
Keynote Speaker Culture of Straight Talk & Candid Conversations Phoenix Arizona $3,000
David Lewis
Keynote Speaker Emotional Intelligence Bloomington Illinois $3,000
Stephen van Basten
Keynote Speaker Sales & Marketing Gauteng Overseas $3,000
Steve Hopper
Elaine Fogel
Keynote Speaker Small Business/Nonprofit Branding Scottsdale Arizona $3,000
Tessa Morgan
Keynote Speaker Stress Relief Denton Texas $3,000
Alex Molden
Keynote Speaker Team Building and Co. Culture Portland $3,000
Naomi Bareket
Keynote Speaker Bring Enthusiasm to Business San Francisco California $3,000
David Moore
Professional Speaker Become a Leader Worth Following New York City New York $3,000
Jerome Mayne
Keynote Speaker Fraud Eden Prairie Minnesota $3,000
David Justice
Athletes Coaches Execs Developing a Winning Attitude Los Angeles California $3,000
CleanComedian SingingImpressionist
Entertainer Clean Music/Comedy/Impersonations Seattle Washington $3,000
JT Kostman, PhD
Keynote Speaker Artificial Intelligence New York City New York $3,000
Darlene Corbett
Keynote Speaker Stop Depriving The World of You Holden Massachusetts $3,000
Ed Evarts
Keynote Speaker Raise Your Visibility & Value Today Boston Massachusetts $3,000
Brandon Steiner
Keynote Speaker You've Gotta Have Balls New York $3,000
Samuel Jones
Keynote Speaker Leadership Ellsville Mississippi $3,000
Dan Waldschmidt
Keynote Speaker Motivation Greenville South Carolina $3,000
Linda Nazareth
Keynote Speaker Economic Outlook Toronto Ontario $3,000
Chad Willett
Keynote Speaker "Smash the Box" New Albany Ohio $3,000
Jean Baur
Keynote Speaker Stand Out Every Time You Talk Stonington Connecticut $3,000
Keynote Speaker Male Breast Cancer Tucson Arizona $3,000
Jim Nowakowski
Keynote Speaker Business Strategy Palatine Illinois $3,000
President & CEO
Keynote Speaker $3,000
Matthew Ferrara
Keynote Speaker Leadership Las Vegas Nevada $3,000