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  • Corporate transformations

  • Urban transformations

  • Consulting

  • Change management

  • Keynote speaking and workshops

  • Evaluating disruptive technologies

  • Project leadership

  • Strategic planning

  • Private equity and venture capital

  • Capital raising and investment analysis

  • Technology transfer

  • Energy project development

  • Corporate relations

  • Investor relations

  • Team development

  • Government and community relations

My Background

Emilie is the Chief Executive Officer of ExO Works. A passionate futurist and strategic planner, she is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations undergo massive transformations and achieve truly exponential growth.

Emilie was co-Founder and CEO of Unearth Corp, transferring technology from space programs into the global energy industry.  Unearth Corp was proving up a technology that could take 40% of cost out of a key process in the energy industry.  It was also repurposing rugged sensors, telemetry and batteries from space programs that can be used in extreme environments, gathering real-time data from previously invisible industrial processes for the first time.

From 2006 - 2014, Emilie sourced and evaluated potential $20 – 400 million investments in energy production start-ups and technologies.  She was at the crux of global energy market intelligence and was consistently top-5 rated by delegates when presenting at conferences. 

From 2002 to 2005, Emilie managed corporate development and corporate relations for Sydney Gas Limited.  She helped achieve 400% shareholder gains and raised $200 million for this turnaround company, which became Australia’s 230th largest public company.  She was instrumental in raising the company's poor reputation to a media-recognized “market leader.” Emilie regularly acted as the company's spokesperson in high-stakes media engagements. 

She won first prize in a presentation competition and was said to have given “the best presentation I had heard in 20 years” by an investor.

From 1999 – 2002, Emilie consulted on the sweeping deregulation of the energy and water markets in Australia and New Zealand, facilitating complex negotiations between senior executives, regulators and Government Ministers. 

Prior to that, she managed a luxury boutique hotel and events in Indonesia for a local Royal Family/Governor.

New York City, New York


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As a result of accelerating technological disruption, a new breed of businesses is scaling ten times faster than other organizational structures – exponential organizations – while many established companies are failing. Emilie describes the eleven shared attributes of the world's fastest growing organizations, and reveals how your company can most effectively implement those attributes to scale just as fast. We are living amidst the greatest wealth creation ever seen, so learn how to harness these new engines of wealth.

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