What I Like to talk About

Strategy, Strategic Leadership, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving,  Digital Transformation, 

My Background

Joe is an attorney and CEO of Guimeralaw Advisors. An experience strategist and advisor, he helps organizations grow by strategically positioning them to leverage opportunities, innovate products and services, and creatively overcome obstacles. 

An entertaining speaker, Joe weaves real life experiences into his presentations to provide practical insights into real world situations.  

Previous Speech Topics

Your Strategy Needs a New Strategy

Confident Decision-Making

Winning the Digital Disruption Game


Manhattan Beach, California


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Drawing on his experience as an attorney, strategist, and entrepreneur, Joe Guimera regularly delivers engaging presentations that deliver practical insights. His straightforward style gets to the bottom line quickly and connects with audiences. He has created and delivered numerous presentations on strategy, decision-making, and emerging technologies for professionals, executives, and managers.

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