What I Like to talk About

Empowerment, authenticity, winning teams, overcoming, diversity, leadership, trauma, parenthood, time management, food allergies, family drama, self care, healing after relationships

My Background

BS Organizational Dynamics, Trauma Informed Approaches, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Food Allergy Safety


"The purpose of coaching is not to teach one what to do but how to think. Aleasa Word emerges as a significant voice that helps one not in a way that controls others actions but to inform the same. The unique perspective that Aleasa brings to men in general and African American men in particular fills a void in the industry that makes me, as a man, boldly say, "Finally". I am the beneficiary of her counsel, wisdom, and perspective. I'm the better." - Rev Donald Morton

Books I Recommend



Atlanta, Georgia


$3,000 - 5,000


Mz. Word is an internationally recognized emotional intelligence coach. Her experience in speaking spans the areas of: personal growth, diversity/inclusion,leadership growth, team building, food allergic living and more with a flare for intertwining your authentic self into the fabric of all that you do. She is an empowerment speaker with a passion for setting the wheels of justice right. She is sure to leave the crowd chuckling as she shares her interesting twist on storytelling. Mz. Word has been seen on the Dr. Oz Show, Film Drugs: The Price We Pay, OWNTv Black Women Own the Conversation and the show Peachtree Positive.

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