What I Like to talk About

I talk about overcoming adversity, it is not what happens in life but who you become. I encourage the audience to see things as they are and not as they fear things are to enable them to step up. I share my suicide to success story with humor and emotion to encourage them to see that they are in charge of their own destiny and they can make small changes which compound into big changes over time.

My Happiness Formula

The quality of our lives is determined by our levels of happiness. Through immense adversity I was able to develop the Happiness Formula, as shared in my Texas Ted talk. Using this formula and applying Anil's strategies, attendees will be able to

1. Communicate more effectively and powerfully.
2. Learn to be responsive rather than reactive.
3. Take control of their emotionsin in a methodical manner.
4. Have clearer thought processes.
5. Be a lot happier.
6. Improved productivity.
7. Reduced conflicts.
8. Increased morale.


Change the mindset and you change the outcomes. Having a growth mindset will allow leaders and employees to cope with the many challenges that business and families have to deal with.
Anil will share his personal experiences with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and other great leaders in a highly entertaining, practical and educational way.

As a result of this keynote, the audience will will be able to:

1. See things as they are and not worse or better than they are. 
2. Make powerful positive decisions.
3. Utilize tools for conflict resolution.
4. Respond versus react to situations.
5. Use this techniques in all aspects of their life.
6. Enjoy a healthier quality of life.
7. Increase productivity.
8. Increase levels of morale.


How leaders show up will determine the level of success of an organization. Leaders need to "be the change." (Gandhi)
Great employees leave because of a loss of faith in the leadership. Employees do not work so well or hard if they feel they are not appreciated or treated fairly.

Authentic leaders align with the values and mission of the organization. Leaders keep to their word. Leaders communicate honestly. Ego driven leadership is doomed to fail. Leaders must create leaders. I share my leadership experiences with Richard Branson ,Tony Robbins and other great leaders with anecdotes not publicly shared.

As a result of this keynote, the audience will will be able to:

1. Embrace their weaknesses.

2. Perform at higher peak performance.

3. Provide feedback for leaders and for leaders to accept feedback.

4. Implement systems to enable massive changes very quickly with       minimal effort

5. Become aware of mis alignments.

6. Increase their work place morale.

7.Attain higher levels of productivity.

8. Reduced levels of sick leave.

9. Have an improved company culture.

I will also provide a break out workshop after my keynote presentation

I also offer a 4 session follow up to maintain the momentum as often people do not implement or get distracted.


Awareness  > Clarity > Focus > Action > Results > Momentum > Everything


My Background

I share the huge up and downs of my life in a beautiful emotionally powerful way that enable the audience to feel inspired to take action in ther lives. I share my success to suicide, to success stories, in an engaging fashion whilst teaching inspirational content that will help bring clarity and provide practical action steps.

I share personal stories with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Mike Tyson and others that are not in the public domain. I am a gifted speaker that connects with the audience emotionally and with great laughter, to inspire them into living very successful and powerful lives. Great change can be curated rapidly using some techniques I have devised along my tumultuous past.

It is not what happens in life but who you become that matters. We have the power to alter our destiny by changing the decisions and actions we take today! I will help you change that destiny!



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Orlando, Florida


$1,000 - 2,000


I have spoken in over 18 countries and had my work translated in 8 languages. My talks are highly entertaining with the right amount of emotion and inspiration. I help create outstanding leadership, increased morale, higher productivity, greater team spirit and higher retention through the practical methodologies that I have developed over the last 20 years. I offer follow up sessions to maintain the momentum. it is all in the follow up!

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