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I am a medical doctor, family practitioner from Sweden and I am the founder of AskDrAnnika. Have worked 30+ years as a doctor, have met 1000nds of patients including including many stressed out leaders on longterm sickleave , I have had my owns disasters of unexpected deaths in the family and been on my way to burnout so I have seen stress from all ends and been working with people with all these stress related issues.

Today I use that knowledge to work with business leaders and their work groups, focusing on how to stay healthy instead of treating disease. And I do speaking, have workshops and do mentoring with business leaders. I have met so many fantastic clients and have been part of so many exciting events in workplaces and seeing the good result with someone who get their life back, it is worth it all. I love my clients and my work and I am on a mission to help business leaders not become patients from stress but to make them into happy leaders doing good to the world.

November last year I did a TEDxTalk in Reading USA talking about my way of seeing stress management (How to Unlock Your In-Born Power to Beat Stress) and what to do. 

I have written the top-rated stress management book, “Take Stress from Chaos to Calm” and its follow up companion “My De-Stress Diary

My Background

Dr Annika is specialized in family medicine and health promotion strategies. She has practiced in the Public Health System in Sweden for 30+ years, and she has seen stress and illness from all sides, both from her patients but also privately.  Today she has changed her daily mission from treating disease, to prevention and promoting health by working with stress management, health, wealth and a happy leadership and work life.

Now she runs her own company, AskDrAnnika.com. Dr Annika has also published the top-rated stress management book, “Take Stress from Chaos to Calm” and its follow up companion “My De-Stress Diary.”







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