What I Like to talk About

I like to talk about achieving GREATNESS (ask about my 5 Keys to Greatness), how success and failure are so related and so integral to achieving what you want in life (check out my podcast Way To Greatness), how to deal with change at work and at home, leadership, sales strategies, mindset, and more.

My Background

In order to spark the greatness within, Ari digs into his past and gets vulnerable - all while on stage! Deeply impactful stories from Ari's past and present are stitched together with inspirations and insights, to help Ari and your audience connect on a deeper level.

Be the talk of the event by bringing in Ari Gunzburg as your keynote speaker or as a motivational speaker. From a colored past to a colorful future, Ari is dedicated to sparking hope and inspiring greatness in those around him. Ari always works to enter into a state of FLOW with your audience and inspire each other to connect and be greater than ever before.

Persistence. CHANGE. Leadership. Sales. GREATNESS. Ari has speeches that work well in a variety of venues, including conferences, conventions, corporate, non-profit, government, schools, prison (yep!) & more.


"Mr. Gunzburg was very accommodating while we were organizing our event. The feedback from the men attending the event was positive and they felt that he had done a good job also. This is a maximum security prison and not your typical audience. They were attentive and engaged in what he had to say."
-Susan C, from Waynesburg, PA

"Great team building session; professional; organized; prepared; entertaining; informative and fun!"
-Dr. Lucas M, from Solon, OH

"Ari presented to a professional group and he was inspiring. He really made me re-evaluate how I was thinking about some things. Looking at taking the next step in something uncomfortable. The next step talk is relatable to both a professional or private life situations. I would love to hear another talk on a different topic."
-Brenda S, from Baltimore, MD

"Ari was an awesome speaker. He communicated with the organizers well in advance, arrived early, he was prepared and ready to speak. He adapted well to the last minute changes in the agenda and socialized with the audience before and after his speech. Our audience was inspired by Ari's story and is already taking just one more step."
-Gregory H, from Toronto, ON

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Washington, District of Columbia


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Motivational speaker focused on helping people find their way to greatness, move past success and failure, deal with change in their life, and alter their mindset to positivity and growth.

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