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There is only one thing that drives Art Costello as he explores the endless possibilities available to those who long for a beautiful, more abundant future, and that is passion. A passion for revealing the Truth about you—your destiny that brings with it ultimate fulfillment. As a visionary, attitude architect, and mindset expert, Art is, in a sense, a deep-sea diver. His commitment to delving into the depths of the human condition yield extraordinary treasure buried within all of us. Art’s gentle, guiding hand will encourage you to withstand the pressure of “going deep” in order to excavate a brighter, vibrant tomorrow. 


As an author and life coach, Art hones the expectations of people who have perhaps lost their joy, feel anxious or depressed, or can’t seem to connect to their life’s purpose, providing the balm necessary to heal and find new hope. He has devoted himself to helping all walks of life—individuals who have forgotten their childhood dreams, families that struggle with unresolved tension and hurts, business professionals with the fire to connect their expectations with their achievements, and even athletes striving for their greatest potential. 

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Art’s strength lies in his unique ability to identify and assess what is preventing you from reaching your greatest desire, then provides options on how to best attain those goals and dreams. From his own life experiences and training, he has created a powerful program titled Expectation Therapy that will guide you through the darker path of current inhibited belief patterns into the open-air forum of your best creative mind, unshackling previous limitations to release God’s ultimate plan for your life. 

As a mental health counselor with a degree in psychology, and successful entrepreneur, Art offers wisdom as well as tangles tools for success that will help boost your confidence, encourage your journey, and affirm you as you begin to enjoy the freer, more productive life you’ve always longed for.  


I will be prepared for the unexpected outcomes with confidence and joy.


It is not often that I read a self-help book—after all, at almost 64 years old I have helped myself along for years. With this said, digesting Art Costello’s Expectation Therapy has both empowered and reassured me concerning my life’s decisions. With expectations still to be realized in my future, his discussion is timely, if not crucial. But if I could have read this book when I was in my 30s, I surely would have changed the expectations I had for my children, ensuring their potential for success with less stress. For educators, Costello’s analysis of effort-based expectations versus ability expectations and outcome expectations would have reinforced what teachers have been telling legislators and school administrators for years! But, it is Costello’s chapter on faithful versus fearful expectations that really resonates with me. We achieve what we believe we can achieve— whether our faith comes from God, a parent, a teacher, or someone else—a self-fulfilling prophecy. I plan to revisit key passages in Expectation Therapy moving forward. This way, I will be prepared for the unexpected outcomes with confidence and joy.




With enthusiasm and clear writing Art Costello creates a really good guide to one’s expectations that will help many. Costello logically explains how to apply expectations to one’s life and the eventual impact. He demonstrates how to identify them, how to create new them and even the effect of 'diminished' expectations. He shows how these expectations - good and bad – can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and what can be done as it relates to yourself and our communities.

I also liked how he stayed logically focused on expressing these theories, and did not try to make anything overly mystical. The structure of the book makes it a really good read, and I look forward to reading it again.




A new way to see life. Very inspiring and motivating. My whole life perspective has changed for the better! Must read!


Scott O'Reilly


"Expectation Therapy" is a short volume filled a lot of wisdom. At the heart of Art Costello's book is a simple but powerful idea: we must set high expectations for ourselves if we are to achieve our potential. Costello discusses how faith - belief in a higher power, in our friends and family or the goodness of life - helps give us the confidence to achieve our goals.

In contrast, Costello believes that fear - the polar opposite of faith - inhibits our natural creativity. As a result, he argues that developing a positive outlook and weeding out negative emotions is vital to achieving success.

I believe there is a lot of good practical advice and insight in Costello's book. I find him to be a humane a thoughtful guide in his subject matter, which is the art the art of living. I think "Expectation Therapy" will help a lot of people, and I highly recommend it.



Stephanie Petitt


Wow! Wow! Wow! I am beyond impressed with Art's story and his selfless sharing of what it means to have EXPECTATIONS. We can expect miracles and merriment and lives of passion and purpose. This book INSPIRES me on many levels to be the greatest expression of self and to EXPECT (which in turn causes me to be in the present moment and mindful of) all the JOY this human experience has to offer.




sharon mussey


A great book...I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in 2 reading sessions. For me, it was a page turner. I consider myself a very positive, "look for the silver lining," kind of person, and Art Costello's writing took me way beyond that. So simple yet so practical for small as well as large life events. Thank you, Art, for showing me new dimensions to achieving my goals!



Kristin Marie


I was very impressed with this book. I love self-help books - this ranks at one of my top favorites. Well written author. Thank you for the great inspiration and motivation!




So, simple an idea yet life changing! Understanding this principle of having greater expectations for yourself can make a huge difference in how we live every day.




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