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Customer Service, Leadership,  Training,  Motivation,  Communication,  Zap Negativity, Thriving Under Pressure,  Telephone Etiquette, How to Deal with Difficult People, Teambuilding, Leading for Service Excellence

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Barbara Khozam is known around the world for her impactful, high-energy delivery, outrageous wit, and ability to connect with her audience. Barbara has spoken more than 1,700 times to more than 75,000 people in 10 countries about customer service, leadership, motivation, and communication. And from the millions of people who have been through Toastmasters programs, she is one of just 81 (the 14th woman) who has been awarded with the Elite Accredited Speaker Designation for Outstanding Platform Professional Speaking in 145 countries. She is also the recipient of 27 awards for Sales Achievement & Outstanding Trainer Ratings. Top Customer Service Consultant of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession, 2018. Earned my CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™) 

Her wit, energy, and jaw-dropping insight, reveal practical principles necessary for success in today’s cynical marketplace. Barbara will show your audience how to create win-win scenarios in all of their professional relationships and how to create rapport with clients, propelling your business into a category of one. Barbara is a former professional beach volleyball player and can still be found spiking balls on a court when she is not lobbing insightful and practical advice to groups like Kaiser, Xerox, Symantec, Verizon, FEMA, the FBI, and hundreds of other multinational corporations, and government agencies.



"I wanted to thank Barbara wholeheartedly for teaching the Public Speaking session of Project Concern International's Global Youth Leadership program. I knew right away when she stepped into the room that this would be one of our best classes, if simply for her great energy and aura. Teaching high schoolers on a Sunday afternoon is a high feat...and from the very first minute, Barbara was able  - through her wonderful personality and humor - to engage the students, make them listen to what she had to say and put her suggestions into action immediately.  


Barb is a master at leading any kind of group at any ago into believing in themselves while also challenging people to reach for higher ground. With her infectious personality, yet graceful and playful way as well as her great tempo, she captured everyone's attention and served as a wonderful inspiration to these young, global leaders. The proof of her success was when, at the end of the class, everyone commented that this had been the best and most fun class they had attended in the series so far. 

Thanks, Barb!" 

Uli Imhoff Heine

Senior Director of Development 


PCI Global 


“Barbara Khozam is a gifted trainer. She is entertaining as well as informative.? She does in-depth preparation for her presentations and knows her audience well. Her trainings are common sense and practical, so you can apply them in your work right away. Barbara not only leaves you laughing but definitely makes a memorable impression on you. 

I highly recommend Barbara for any organization – big or small –that takes their client experience very seriously and wants to improve communication and customer service.” 

Cheryl Wolfe 
Director of Training & Development 
Buffini & Company  

?“Barbara Khozam was a consummate professional in her work with us at the Los Angeles Medical Center. She conveyed our very unique set of trainings as though she had developed them herself. Her presentation style is engaging, clear, and she really keeps the attendees involved using humor. We are frequently stopped by staff members to be told how much her presentation was enjoyed and how much they learned. She makes sure that the audience connects with the important message that is being delivered. Barbara is prompt, reliable, uses feedback usefully. and makes adjustments to her presentation as she progresses. Her first presentation and her 49th presentation, as well as all the ones in between, were delivered with the same high quality consistency that you want in a trainer. We categorically endorse her and could not have been happier with our choice in her for staff and manager training.” 

Anne La Borde, PhD, PsyD  
Outpatient Care Experience Leader, Los Angeles Medical Center  


 “Most sincerely, your presentation was truly wonderful. You make it useful and relevant. You use humor in a very skillful way, and it really made your talk wonderfully warm and entertaining. It’s very "people" focused (if that's a proper description).? You present (what can be) a very dry subject in a professional, yet wonderfully personal, way of engaging the audience as much wit and humor as has anyone I've ever seen. For someone your age, that is quite an accomplishment.” 


Tom Sacco – Partner 
Resolvency Consultants 
Huntington Beach, CA  


"Barbara Khozam's enthusiasm infuses audiences in ways caffeine can't. Her tangible tips and insightful anecdotes are laced with humor--keeping the audience engaged  
and inspired while they absorb valuable takeaways."  
Lisa Beezley-Lippman 
CareActors Manager 
Kaiser Permanente, Glendale, CA 


My Calendar

Title of Speech Date City State
KP-SD - Staff Customer Service Training x2 Jul, 30 2018 California San Diego
KP-SD - Staff Customer Service Training Jul, 31 2018 California San Diego
Improving Patient Experience and Outcomes Through Staff Engagement May, 10 2018 California Walnut Creek
KP-LAMC C.S. Staff Training Apr, 23 2018 California Hollywood
KP-SD - Staff Customer Service Training x2 Jul, 2 2018 California San Diego
Staff Customer Service Training Apr, 19 2018 California San Diego
Keynote - Fifth District Dental Society of Kansas Mar, 26 2018 Kansas Overland Park
KP-LAMC C.S. Staff Training May, 7 2018 California Hollywood
KP-SD - Staff Customer Service Training May, 8 2018 California San Diego
Manager Customer Service Training Apr, 17 2018 California San Diego



San Diego, California




As the founder of Barbara Khozam Speaking and Consulting, Barbara is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer having delivered over 1700 presentations to 75,000 people in ten countries on Customer Service, Leadership, Motivation, Communication, and Zap Negativity.

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