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Welcome to Baron Ridge Productions

At Baron Ridge Speakers Agency, we work with the goals and challenges of the sponsoring business or organization. Each keynote speech is specifically tailored to relate to the same issues many large corporations need to rise above in order to compete in the global marketplace today.


If you want to take your next conference or event from average to amazing, one of our professional speakers will present a memorable message. We offer experts in weather science and technology, sports, coaching, entertainment, business, innovation, entrepreneurship, psychology, law enforcement, mental health issues, broadcasting, creative writing and much more.



We are a growing collective looking to partner with speakers from all areas of interest.

Sports, entertaiment, pop culture, media, journalism, psychology, weather science, law enforcement, branding, leadership, team-building, motivation, inspiration, women's issues, business and mental health issues.

My Background

Former professional athletes, World Series Champion, NFL, MLB, award, title, pageant and record holders. 


Fortune 500 companies to small business owners, industry leaders and experts.



Available Upon Request


We work closely with meeting and event planners to provide a custom tailored speech presentation to address the challenges and goals of the sponsoring organization.

Available to Verified Event Organizers Only

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