What I Like to talk About

What makes my heart sing is the Resilience of the Human Spirit. I have done a great deal of research on what makes people bounce back, and what happens when they struggle with that. I have applied these concepts in all my trainings and speeches. It's the bedrock of each talk I create for my clients.

Whether I'm speaking about Thinking About Thinking,  Raising Resilient Kids, Supporting Your Team in Managing Change, or Finding a way to Get Your Own Bounce Back -- the basic principles apply.

We all have clay feet. We all struggle with consistency, finding energy, staying motivated. We can help each other if we understand the dynamics of Resilience. What makes us tick. What moves us to action. What makes us feel it's worth getting out of bed in the morning.

I don't offer pious platitudes or tired cliches. Our audiences are too sophisticated for all the 'you can do anything!' talks of the 80's. I have real conversations with real people about the things that keep them up nights. About the possibilities found in practical tools and habits that will get them where they want and need to be.

This is why I don't have my topics cast in stone. Talk with me. Tell me what your challenges are. Tell me what message you want to impart. Either I'm the right speaker or I'm not. If I'm not, I'll give you recommendations for other speakers.

Let's talk

My Background

Bachelors Degree in Communications. Minors were emphasis on Psychology and Business. Advance coursework in Psychological Testing and Counseling. Graduated with Honors, Phi Kappa Phi. Currently taking 170 hour course on Teaching English as a Foreign Language to enable me to work within various cultures here and abroad.

As a speaker in Hawaii for 30 years, I endeavored to work with each client to create curricula that supported their needs. As such, I have developed more than 27 different training courses on Communication, Delegation, Management and Supervision, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Managing Change and Stress. I also worked with each of the school districts that my stepchildren and foster children attended; conducting courses for Parents and Teachers on managing the classroom and on raising healthy, happy kids.

I am a perpetual student, reading and studying daily. I had a wonderful Dean of Students back in college who admonished us all to take at least one college level course a year for the rest of our lives. He is the one who told me, "Learn two new things every year, and one of them should scare you a little."

I take what I learn and work it into my training and speaking programs. We are all on a journey. My goal is to help as many people as possible find success on theirs.



"Beth is a fresh and genuine spirit, a warm heart, and a whirlwind communicator with an important message. She speaks to critical human issues that touch ones heart - and more importantly inspire each of us to change. Beth was a featured speaker at two of Bridgeway's annual user conferences and received the highest rating of all of the speakers at each. I very much enjoyed the experience of Beth at our conference and was among the many blessed by her wonderful message and teaching. We will have her back very soon." Keith Okano, CEO Bridgeway Software.



"Beth, you are a resourceful, solution-oriented person and by far the “lowest maintenance” yet “highest Impact” speaker that I have ever worked with. It was extremely gratifying to work with you.” C. Kimbrough, USDA/NRCS Hawaii



"Just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS for assisting me with our teambuilding session in October. The feedback has been very positive. The employees appreciated the candor and openness --felt they could openly share their thoughts wtihout fear. Hopefully we can really 'dump the trash' and move forward.! I'm excited about the possibilities. Thanks!"

-Jill H, GTE Hawaiian Tel (Now Verizon)



"Wanted you to know how much the staff enjoyed and benefited from your lively presentation on managing time! Everyone was enthusiastic and positive; and we all look forward to utilizing your services again! Your insight, experience and functional suggestions / solutions, along with your colorful and enthusiastic delivery, made the one hour much too short. I look forward to future opportunities to hear you speak. Thanks again,"

-Jane Smith, Hawaii Community Foundation



"Thank you for a wonderful job you did for us. We are starting on several ideas and projects that the branches discussed. The sheets that the branches came up with have been put on our shared network drive for everyone to see. Once we finish our physical renovations, we can start preparing our "action plans" for the ideas generated by the seminar. Hopefully in a year, we will have completed several projects and be on our way on the remainder.

Again, thank you and best wishes to you"..... -Gordon Ito, DCCA, Insurance Commissioners Office


"I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for the outstanding training provided to our organization. Over the last six months, I've had the pleasure of hearing you speak on three different occasions. Each time I was very impressed with your dynamic speaking ability and effective motivation of your audience. You're a dedicated professional who possesses all the right qualities needed to provide top quality training. You truly are a gifted speaker. My thanks to you for continuing to provide "awesome" training. I look forward to using your exceptional talents in the future to help train and motivate our personnel."

-L.C.Williams, Colonel, USAF; Directorate of Financial Management and Comptroller; HQ PACAF/FMF, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii


"The Club found your presentation today most informing and enlightening. With our economy the way it is, our lives have become definitely much more stressful. In fact, when I came in today, I didn't feel like running the meeting. After hearing you, I felt wonderful and had a "bring on the world" attitude. Even now, as I type out this Thank You note, I still feel I can and will win. I thank you very much."

-Roger Yamamoto, President, Rotary Club of Pearl Harbor



"Thank you for the excellent teambuilding session you facilitated for my group earlier this year. My group was re-energized and excited about the challenges they face day-to-day in a way that was beyond my expectations. They often refer back to the session as a valuable and eye-opening experience. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I look forward to the next session you will be facilitating for my new group. I know that with a full day's session, I will be the beneficiary of extraordinary insights and progress within my group. We can't wait!"

-Susan O, General Manager - Operator Services, GTE Hawaiian Tel


"Beth, The employees are still raving about you. It's been pretty hectic here, but instead of complaints, I hear echoes of 'Oh well, what's next?' What an impact you had! A perfect cap to our training program!"

-Irene Haake, Training Manager, Kapalua Bay Hotel


"I would like to express our thanks to you for the tremendous contribution you have made to the Title Guaranty family of companies. The training program you provided to the 365 employees of Title Guaranty has made a huge difference to our employees as well as our clients. The morale is more positive than ever and when queried, most people attribute it to the training program you provided. We have a very diverse workforce and you touched everyone in a different manner -- not a small feat!"

-Chris Chun, Vice President of Human Resources, Title Guaranty Escrow.


"Change is not easy for anyone, but you make the challenge less daunting. Your insights and willingness to share your own personal experiences made it easier for us to relate to the ideas you were espousing. Beth, thank you for sharing your time with us. We had a wonderful retreat, and more importantly, we made great strides to being a more cohesive unit that can achieve great things."

-Carrie Takahama, Human Resources Manager, Waikiki Parc Hotel


"Many compliments have been received about your energetic and humorous delivery style. Even some of our most 'attitude challenged' supervisors raved about your program and how much they look forward to attending the next session as an opportunity to rethink their role as a manager. This enthusiasm that you create in the classroom will undoubtedly lead to better retention of the material presented, as well as our staff being more willing to experiment with the techniques you presented. I especially appreciate your tying the effectiveness of managers to the need to deliver consistently good service to the public."

-Jiro Sumada, Deputy Chief Engineer, County of Hawaii Department of Public Works


Previous Speech Topics

Teams and Effective Communication

Institutional Planning Retreat, Chaminade University
Honolulu, Hawaii
Aug, 8 2017

Staying Sane & Balanced in an Insane World

Sales Meeting, Mortgage Company
Scottsdale, Arizona
Mar, 16 2018

The above are a few sample topics and events

Empowering Our Relationships Through Balance

Bristol Global Strategic Planning Meeting for Leaders
Phoenix, Arizona
Oct, 20 2016



Phoenix, Arizona


Available Upon Request


30 Years in Management, Consulting and Speaking. Executive Level experience in Real Estate, Insurance, Tourism. Formerly the National Manager of Administration for a billion dollar Real Estate Corporation based in Hawaii with offices in 16 states. Frequent guest columnist for the three major Hawaii newspapers and hosted a TV talk show called “Making Your Life Work.” Author of 5 books on Management and Personal Development. Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), 25 year member of National Speakers Association. Past Leadership in Academy for Professional Speakers as well as Chapter Leadership. Former Director of Women of Scottsdale, top women's networking group in AZ

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