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What makes my heart sing is the Resilience of the Human Spirit. I have done a great deal of research on what makes people bounce back, and what happens when they struggle with that. I have applied these concepts in all my trainings and speeches. It's the bedrock of each talk I create for my clients.

Whether I'm speaking about Thinking About Thinking,  Raising Resilient Kids, Supporting Your Team in Managing Change, or Finding a way to Get Your Own Bounce Back -- the basic principles apply.

We all have clay feet. We all struggle with consistency, finding energy, staying motivated. We can help each other if we understand the dynamics of Resilience. What makes us tick. What moves us to action. What makes us feel it's worth getting out of bed in the morning.

I don't offer pious platitudes or tired cliches. Our audiences are too sophisticated for all the 'you can do anything!' talks of the 80's. I have real conversations with real people about the things that keep them up nights. About the possibilities found in practical tools and habits that will get them where they want and need to be.

This is why I don't have my topics cast in stone. Talk with me. Tell me what your challenges are. Tell me what message you want to impart. Either I'm the right speaker or I'm not. If I'm not, I'll give you recommendations for other speakers.

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My Background

Bachelors Degree in Communications. Minors were emphasis on Psychology and Business. Advance coursework in Psychological Testing and Counseling. Graduated with Honors, Phi Kappa Phi. Currently taking 170 hour course on Teaching English as a Foreign Language to enable me to work within various cultures here and abroad.

As a speaker in Hawaii for 30 years, I endeavored to work with each client to create curricula that supported their needs. As such, I have developed more than 27 different training courses on Communication, Delegation, Management and Supervision, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Managing Change and Stress. I also worked with each of the school districts that my stepchildren and foster children attended; conducting courses for Parents and Teachers on managing the classroom and on raising healthy, happy kids.

I am a perpetual student, reading and studying daily. I had a wonderful Dean of Students back in college who admonished us all to take at least one college level course a year for the rest of our lives. He is the one who told me, "Learn two new things every year, and one of them should scare you a little."

I take what I learn and work it into my training and speaking programs. We are all on a journey. My goal is to help as many people as possible find success on theirs.



Phoenix, Arizona


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30 Years in Management, Consulting and Speaking. Executive Level experience in Real Estate, Insurance, Tourism. Formerly the National Manager of Administration for a billion dollar Real Estate Corporation based in Hawaii with offices in 16 states. Frequent guest columnist for the three major Hawaii newspapers and hosted a TV talk show called “Making Your Life Work.” Author of 5 books on Management and Personal Development. Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), 25 year member of National Speakers Association. Past Leadership in Academy for Professional Speakers as well as Chapter Leadership. Former Director of Women of Scottsdale, top women's networking group in AZ

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