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Embracing Your Afrocentricity - Key Ways to Break the Barriers of Expressing the New You is an inspirational message for anyone struggling to appropriately express their inner self. Based on her book, Survival Skills for the African-American Woman, Embracing Your Afrocentricity will provide strategies to help you remove the barriers and embrace the new you. (PERSONAL GROWTH)

L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. - Success Strategies for Launching Leaders to Higher Heights is an inspiring look at the core meaning of leaders and leadership. It will provide insight on how leaders can reach their maximum leadership potential while building friends and leaving legacies. It will also provide practical techniques for leadership that will help leaders to navigate their way to productivity and success. (CAREER SUCCESS; PERSONAL GROWTH)

Ouch, It Hurts! How to Overcome Stress is based upon her chapter in the PWN publication, The Young Woman's Guide for Personal Success. This engaging and informative seminar will help you to uncover your stressors as you learn more about the difference between “good” and “bad” stress. You will walk away from this seminar with strategies you can use daily to effectively de-stress your mind, body, and spirit. (PERSONAL GROWTH)


Put on Your Rhinestone Combat Boots! 3 Strategies to Help You Elevate Your Professional Game is a workshop designed to help you determine the landmines blocking your career success. It will provide you with techniques for raising your professional value with your employer. In addition, you will receive advice for establishing your success support system. (CAREER SUCCESS)

Recovering from Loss - Seven Secrets for Surviving Successfully is based upon her chapter in the PWN publication, Emotional Wellness for Women, Volume II. It will help you to more fully grasp and understand the meaning of loss, help you to more intimately analyze the feelings you associate with loss, and provide you with effective ways to constructively recover from loss. (PERSONAL GROWTH)

Self-Motivation: Face the Fear and Do It Anyway will teach you strategies to motivate yourself beyond your fears so you can achieve the career success you desire. You will walk away from this inspiring program with a better understanding of self-motivation; an awareness of how self-motivation can help you to combat your fears; and three (3) self-motivation strategies to help you overcome your fears and experience more career success. (PERSONAL GROWTH; CAREER SUCCESS)

S.E.T. Management™ Techniques for Productivity and Profitability will show you how being goal-oriented, organized and consistent can help you to achieve peak performance in your life and in business. You will learn techniques to manage your space, energy, and time, which in turn, will help to increase your overall productivity. (CAREER SUCCESS; PERSONAL GROWTH)


The Writer's Flow: Business Writing Strategies for Busy Professionals will provide concrete and practical tools to use when writing business correspondence. You will learn the appropriate etiquette for business writing documents, rules for grammar, spelling and punctuation, techniques for proofreading and editing in a pinch, plus more. Designed with a writer's workshop, you will have a chance to work through your writing, while receiving constructive feedback to help you strengthen your writing voice. (CAREER SUCCESS)



My Background

When Cassandra “D.I.V.A. of Dialog™” Lee speaks, audiences are guaranteed “a learning good time.” Known to possess a “quiet power,” she is a dynamic, passionate, entertaining, and motivating, author, speaker, trainer, and coach who uses “Divine Inspiration Vocally Applied™” to share practical, skill-building solutions and strategies to educate and empower her audiences toward workplace satisfaction and career success.

For over twenty years, the D.I.V.A. of Dialog™ has delivered speeches, presented seminars, conducted training sessions, facilitated workshops, moderated panels, and served as Mistress of Ceremonies for health fairs and other events.

She has worked with various organizations such as the Woman2Woman Health & Beauty Expo, V103 Expo for Today’s Black Woman, U.S. Department of Education, Social Security Administration, SkillPath Seminars, Professional Woman Network, National Seminars Training, JVS Behavioral Health Center, International Association for Administrative Professionals, Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program, Hospitality Academy of McCormick Place, District 30 Chicagoland Toastmasters, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Public Libraries, Blacks in Government, American Management Association, American Bar Association, to name a few.

Staying committed to her mission of education and empowerment, the D.I.V.A. of Dialog™ has written articles that have appeared in The Cross and Crown and Campus Activities Programming publications, as well as the Examiner.com and EzineArticles.com.

In addition, she has created educational resources for youth and adult audiences to aid in their pursuit of personal growth and professional development, such as the monthly newsletter Dialog Digest; the audio CD D.I.V.A.BITS™: 24 Enlightening Tips to Conquer Communication Skills; and the books found in the Professional Woman Network (PWN) library entitled The Young Woman’s Guide for Personal SuccessSurvival Skills for the African-American Woman, and Emotional Wellness for Women, Volume II.

Recognized as one of Chicago’s most influential and affluent African American leaders and achievers, Cassandra "D.I.V.A. of Dialog™" Lee is featured for her entrepreneurial efforts in the publication, Who’s Who in Black Chicago, The Inaugural and Third Editions. The D.I.V.A. of Dialog™ continuously expands her knowledge through self-study, seminars, and active membership with the Toastmasters International.

Her speeches and seminars are categorized into two areas: personal growth and career success. The entire portfolio is designed to entertain, educate and empower audiences with the tools and techniques they need to master their thoughts, words and actions while promoting workplace satisfaction, personal growth, and career success.



Here are comments from audience members who benefited from attending a seminar, workshop, training session and/or keynote speech conducted by the Cassandra “D.I.V.A. of Dialog™” Lee:

“Cassandra is an excellent speaker! She presented the material with knowledge and enthusiasm. I came into the seminar as a star assistant and I left as a super star!…” Lithonia, GA

“Ms. Lee was very observant of our comfort level and needs…She was a very confident presenter.” Chicago, IL

"Helped to eliminate a lot of doubts I had about myself and gave me ideas of what else I have to implement in my daily schedule." Sault Ste. Marie, MI

“…Cassandra Lee is a great speaker. I enjoyed her organized, clear style…She is very interesting and I would recommend her sessions to others.” Anaheim, CA

“…Cassandra spoke from the heart and with confidence and professionalism. Also, the humor…injected throughout was great!” Greeley, CO

"Cassandra is very dynamic. She has great insight to life's work situations." Duluth, MN

“Cassandra was outstanding! There was never a dull moment!” San Antonio, TX

“Cassandra was very interesting…she kept my attention the entire time. I would love to hear her speak again, the information she gave was brilliant!” Akron, OH

"...Thank you for serving as such a strong, positive role model for my young people..." Chicago, IL

"...Your seminar was a wonderful, refreshing change - positive, upbeat, but down-to-earth and practical. I had a blast during this class..." Kettering, OH

"...You skillfully engaged our employees in an interactive dialogue which gave attendees the opportunity to practice the techniques in your presentation..." Des Plaines, IL

“Cassandra was very informative. Cassandra was able to give great solutions to our current work situations. Cassandra’s training will be very helpful in my future encounters.” Morgantown, WV

"Cassandra...knows her stuff...I've learned a lot of valuable information I can take back to my office and use." Buffalo, NY

"...I am very glad someone as dedicated to people and education as you came & spoke to us and inspire[d] us to be the people we are soon to become. Thanks Again!!" River Forest, IL



Chicago, Illinois


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I focus on career advancement. I use “Divine Inspiration Vocally Applied™” to help my audiences think strategically, communicate effectively, and lead influentially as a way to prosper productively in their personal and professional lives.

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