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Celeste DeCamps proves that if you want to change your attitude for the better, start with your body. Our emotions are reflected by the way we sit, stand and walk. Celeste shows her audience the secrets of looking and feeling confident even when our minds tell us the opposite. She explains how to tap into our natural abilities to be financially as well as emotionally successful. 


How to make a plan and reach your goals.

We’ve all been there. Looking ahead to a better future and trying to ?gure out how to get there. It can be overwhelming, daunting and full of self-doubt.

I have quite a bit of experience with starting over and developing new businesses. I’ve learned that one person’s idea of goal setting can be another person’s nightmare. There are so many ideas of how to set and reach goals that trying to ?gure it all out can be paralyzing. 

I have researched and developed ways to help even the biggest procrastinator get o? the couch and get to work. 


My presentation on The Mirroring Technique will show your audience how easy it is to make fast connections and strengthen existing relationships. 

I have been in sales for years. I’ve attended many business meetings and networking events. I have traveled by myself and have been in many situations where I did not know anyone at an event. I didn’t always have the confidence it took to make new connections and create a network of people. I had to research and learn how to gain someone’s interest and keep it. To be able to read another person’s body language and gauge how to respond to them took effort. Little by little my efforts paid off. My confidence grew and so did my circle of friends, business partners, and customers.

I learned the technique of mirroring and I will teach it to you.


My Background

Celeste DeCamps has a bachelor degree in Communications from the University of Miami. She has worked in radio and television. Celeste co-owned and managed a Jazz and Blues restaurant in South Florida. She moved to New York and worked for Southern Wine & Spirits. She sold wine and spirits to hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. 

Today Celeste runs her own business Empowerment Through Movement LLC.  She speaks at events and conferences sharing valuable tools to help women succeed in business and personal relationships. She is also the co-founder of Authentic Voice LLC. This is a speaking coach service to help people improve their communication skills. 


Hi Celeste, 

I have heard nothing but amazing things about your presentation! 

So many of our women found it so useful and thought it was exactly what they needed to hear as they are preparing for their final presentations and the next step after Grace. 

Thank you, again, for your well wishes and for truly empowering our women. 

All the best, 

Morgan Blackburn

Development Coordinator

Grace Institute

Good evening Celeste,

We meet Tue Jan 10, 2017, at Grace Institute Food for Thought, I wanted to reach out to you and to say thank you.

You have shown and express how important it is to feel good about your self as a woman and that your body is just as important. 

Dancing is your therapy, one thing that has stood out to me was the method you have shown in taking deep breaths to relax your mind and body, and with that said the next day prior Grace Institute had office visit I was so nervous to meet these corporate business people that I took some time and practice the exercise you have shown and I controlled my breathing, it was a success.  Thank you for taking the time and coming to talk to us at our food for thought and I hope to stay in contact and wish you all your success and Passion.

Thank you 

Evita Benavides 

Grace participant


Good morning Celeste,

I had the time of my life Friday night because I kept everything you spoke of in mind. 

Your speech really had an impact and I thank you for that.

Have a great day and please, do stay in touch.


Giancarlos Deleon

Supervisor, New York Flagship


Dear Celeste,

Thank you for your wonderful lecture and workshop for the Bronx YMCA. I am more aware of how I hold my body and taking the time to check my posture. It does make a difference in how I feel. 

All the Best,

Sharlene Brown

Director of Bronx YMCA


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Queens, New York


$3,000 - 5,000


Celeste DeCamps shares a lifetime experience of stage-dance and movement through engaging stories and fun audience interaction. She will guide the audience as they discover tools that will keep them feeling energized and confident moving forward.

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