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Entertainment and education are the two components that your event needs to be successful. Charles Clark, motivational speaker and world-class athlete, brings both to the table. He knows what it means to add value to the audience and set every person up for success. That is why Charles has mastered several speech topics, personalized for every audience, that align with your event’s goals and engages those in attendance.



Dreams don’t go away no matter how traumatizing our failure experience is. Whether you’re looking to reach an unmet goal, believe you are meant for something more, or trying to break through phenomenal success. The many obstacles you face are not an indication for you to quit and come up with excuses for why it’s not worth trying anymore. Learn the key habits to chase after your dream with confidence and self-discipline.


1.     What You Need to Know About Getting Past Your Failures [Overcome Obstacles]

 Failures have the ability to paralyze us and stop us from moving forward. Whether they’re large or small, those not-so-successful times in life can break us down. But did you know that it’s possible to leverage failure and use it to your advantage?

Learning Objectives

  • Manage anxiety and stress in difficult situations
  • Identify the root of your fears and how to overcome them
  • Start taking bold and intentional actions


2.     Employ Gratitude & Become Unshakable [Gratefulness]

Being grateful in the things we enjoy is easy. The challenge? Being thankful for the difficult, unappealing parts of life. I’m here to share with you why employing gratitude, finding hope in your losses, and never taking anything for granted are the ingredients to your legendary story.

Learning Objectives

  • Deal with negativity and dwell in the positive
  • Shed the sense of entitlement that leads to ungratefulness
  • Let go of the past and thrive in the future


3.     5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Next Sale [Sales]

 Becoming a master of selling is no small feat. It takes skill and the right personality to market yourself properly, engage customers, and drive home your brand’s messaging. There are 5 common tactics that are being used by professionals that kill chances of securing a deal. Learn how to squash those by building confidence in your abilities and employing a winning sales strategy.

Learning Objectives 

  • Build confidence in your sales abilities
  • Market yourself and your company properly
  • Attract the customers you’re meant to serve
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of successful transactions


4.     The Secret to Getting People to Listen [Leadership]

You know what’s really frustrating? Sharing your thoughts, only to have someone completely tune you out. If people don’t listen, there’s no way of accomplishing anything. After hearing this discussion, you’ll be equipped with the tools needed to develop the language of an engaging, strong leader. You’ll leave, speaking in a way that will turn heads and motivate everyone you come in contact with.

 Learning Objectives

  • Focus on building lasting connections and unity with others
  • Develop the body and vocal language of a compelling, strong leader
  • Offer value, positive encouragement, and support with your words and intentions


5.     How to Establish a Routine [Success Consciousness]

 The world’s most successful people have established routines and habits that have led them to reach their goals and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It’s proven that the right daily patterns get you on track for finishing the race on top. During this speech, I’ll share methods of decision-making that you can use to achieve greatness during your day and throughout the rest of your life. Are you ready to cash in on habits that win?

 Learning Objectives

  • Establish the proper mindset for a successful day
  • Build a winning daily routine
  • Prioritize tasks and daily habits
  • Increase your willpower and build confidence in your personal decisions


6.     The Power of You [Self Worth]

You become the most empowered when you develop your self-identity and understand your purpose. In order to triumph over challenges, you must have confidence in yourself and the abilities that you were given. When you start embracing every part of your story and giving your all, amazing things are possible.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain arsenal of motivation by living in the values of your identity
  • Understand the power of who you are
  • Discover the elements of true purpose and how to fulfill your legacy
  • Build confidence in yourself and your goals

My Background

CHARLES CLARK has helped countless people bring home the gold medal in their personal and professional goals. His consulting and speaker clients include iHeart Radio, Dicks Sporting Goods, Nike, Raymond James, U.S Army, Frontier Communications Corporation, and Ronald McDonald House. As an ex-professional athlete, he has become the sixth fastest man in the world at IAAF Track & Field World Championships and a Silver Medalist at USA Track and Field Championships. He lives in Tampa, Florida, with his roommate, Flash, a miniature schnauzer who lives up to his name.

Have your audience walk away with an entertaining, relatable, and practical message with Charles. 


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