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NFL quarterback and professional speaker, Charlie Batch, delivers sincerity, humor, and human connection to his audiences as he shares his personal story and “Expect Your Best” message of inspiration and motivation.

Rooted in the premise that, “we succeed or fail by the level of our expectation,” Charlie’s presentations focus on raising the bar of expectation, becoming your best, overcoming obstacles and preparing before the moment.

His three rules for success – Be Ready, Be Resilient and Be the Pro – resonate with business professionals, students and charitable organizations alike, and his message reinforces the importance of character and decision making, proper health and fitness, and leadership in performance.

Charlie’s keynotes can be tailored to fit your organization, mission, and audience. Based out of Pittsburgh, he travels to speaking opportunities across the country. Contact him through Linked In, or visit his website: CharlieBatch.com

In Charlie’s Words:

Expect Your Best

When I was growing up, the dilemma between my dream of doing great things and my inner-city reality became overwhelming. But when I was at the point of giving up, I met a man who told me, “Son, your problem isn’t your ability. It’s your attitude. You will live or die at the level of your expectation. The way to get through any test is to Expect Your Best.”

Be Ready

In a million years, I didn’t think I would be a professional athlete. I wasn’t college ready; I wasn’t the “chosen one” on the Eastern Michigan team; I didn’t come from a place where people dreamed big dreams. But I kept preparing for the moment before the moment. I wanted to Be Ready if I ever got my shot.”

Be Resilient

When my sister passed, it was the most difficult moment of my life. I had a choice: give up or be resilient. I realized that my choice was bigger than me; it was about my family, my future and the impact I could make by turning tragedy into triumph. I chose resiliency, and from that, my Best of the Batch Foundation was born.

Be The Pro

Being a Pro is about bringing your absolute best to everyone you work with and mastering your expertise. With a career as long as I have had, I discovered a deeper understand of being a pro, and that gave me the power to outlast the competition.

My Background

Mr. Charlie Batch is a former NFL quarterback turned tech entrepreneur, media personality/color analyst, community advocate and professional speaker.

His NFL career spanned 15 years and two Super Bowl victories. In retirement, Mr. Batch continues to be a respected strategist in the NFL, providing game-day commentary for Steelers broadcasts and several national media outlets. He also serves as Senior Captain for The Trust Powered by the NFLPA, an initiative that Mr. Batch helped negotiate in 2011 with NFL team owners. Additionally, he helps former players achieve their dreams after football as a Transition Consultant for the NFLPA.

At the same time, Mr. Batch is a professional speaker who takes his motivational messages about teamwork and entrepreneurialism to corporate and nonprofit audiences across the country. His speeches include “Expect Your Best” and “From Sweat Suit to Business Suit: It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Next Success.”

Mr. Batch is an entrepreneur whose company, Impellia, brings state-of-the-art sports medicine and rehabilitation technologies to everyone. As Co-Founder, Mr. Batch and his partners have brought to market tech innovations from the University of Michigan, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Colorado, among others.

His interest in sports medicine extends to research as well. Mr. Batch is a Player Advisor on the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University. Additionally, he serves as an Advisory Council Member for the University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute.

Since 1999, his Best of the Batch Foundation has worked to create communities where all kids and families are equipped with the tools they need to build their own best futures. In addition to his own foundation, Mr. Batch serves on multiple boards. They include the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh.

Charlie Batch is a recipient of numerous awards including the 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and the 2013 Byron “Whizzer” White NFL Man of the Year Award. Mr. Batch holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Robert Morris University. Additionally, he holds honorary Degrees of Doctor from Eastern Michigan University, Point Park University, La Roche University, Bethany College, and Washington & Jefferson College.


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Mr. Batch is a professional speaker who takes his motivational messages about teamwork, leadership and entrepreneurship to corporate and nonprofit audiences across the country.

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