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ISTAND TALL - Claire Pickens

Claire is a professional speaker with the ability to connect with an audience in a very friendly and engaging way. She has a wide range of speaking ability, and can provide presentations ranging from Key Notes to Workshops depending on the needs of the event. Her speaking experience goes far beyond her experience with her own custom topic. She has a history of hundreds of hours teaching over a dozen topics in a variety of formats.


Originally from northern California, in the wine country, Claire has a rich background that lends well to being an effective speaker and instructor. In her youth she was an avid horseback rider, and successful athlete. Educationally, she holds a BA in Business with a concentration in Human Resources and a minor in Marketing. Claire’s professional experience includes the ground up construction and opening her own business in 2005, which lead to her obtaining her CVPM certification (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager). She has more than a decade of experience as the chief executive officer of her company, and as an employer.

Outside of the business realm, Claire has several years of experience as an athletic coach, and has experience as a high school level certified coach. Her diverse experience in leadership positions inside and outside of the business world give her a well-rounded perspective. She understands presence from a varied approach, as well as how important it is to maximize presence to have a lasting, positive impact. Utilizing her own experience, as well as the careful attention to the many companies she has had the pleasure of working with, she is ready to help your team STAND TALL!

My Background

Defining Presence Episode 1: What does presence mean to you?

Before we can begin to talk about having a stronger presence, we must first assign a definition to presence that is applicable to the professional realm. Per the dictionary, presence can mean being within “sight or call,” and has also been defined as the opposite of absence. Another meaning is the “ whole of personal qualities of an individual.” The legal dictionary defines it as “the existence of a person in a particular place.”

It is not uncommon in the business world to hear a company say they’d like to have a strong presence in the market. Or to hear an employer ask for their staff to have a stronger presence. But, what do they mean by that? In this first episode, I discuss the definition of presence. Before we can maximize your presence, first we must define it.

Defining Presence Episode 2: What has impacted your presence?

There are times in our lives, personally and professionally, that impact our ability to have a strong and confidence presence. In this episode, I discuss some of the common situations that can occur to impact our presence.

As you think about your growth as a professional, what experiences have you had that have impacted your level of confidence? Has your presence been altered by your work environment or job title? To maximize your presence, you must be aware enough to understand when and how it is impacted. What this episode to learn more.

Defining Presence Episode 3: Do you have any negative self-dialogue?

In this episode, I discuss the background conversations we have with ourselves before we enter professional situations. I discuss the nature of these conversations, and the common topics people create self-dialogue about in professional environments.

While these conversations we have with ourselves before we make our presence known might seem mundane, they are a vital part of the strength of our presence. What type of dialogue do you have with yourself in stressful situations? Do you have self-dialogue about potential conflict, before conflict even gets a chance to ensue? In this episode, I challenge you to think about the dialogue you are having with yourself before, during, and after your professional transactions.


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