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Business Keynote/Breakout - DO BUSINESS BETTER 

As a business owner, success is imperative. Damian discusses the Traits, Habits and Actions to help you succeed. You’ll review the four unwavering traits of success, uncover the differences between routines and habits, and discover meaningful actions that create permanent improvement. Damian discusses real-world examples and tells relatable stories that will assist attendees to start, restart, grow, and manage their business.

Learning Objectives:

Identify key traits of success and how to strengthen those traits

Perfect isn’t Profitable - Develop habits that actually help you

Myth of Inadequate Resources - Rid yourself of ineffective thinking patterns

Success is Simple, Not Easy – What’s really standing between you and your dreams


Business Keynote/Breakout – REINVENTION

In business, as in nature, there are two choices: adapt or perish!

Success and longevity depend on your ability to reinvent yourself, your brand and your business. Damian shares his own success story, analyzes various methods of reinvention, and provides real world examples gone right and wrong. Injected with energy and humor this program provides thought-provoking, practical tools for adapting your business to the future. As Damian, says, "Reinvent. Because, nobody cares how good you used to be!"

Learning Objectives:

Identify the 3 key aspects of reinventing

Gage yourself and your business on relevance

Discover your talent and aptitude

How to leverage intentional congruencies

SMS = Sales, Money & Support


Ag Business Keynote – Trends, Topics and Tomorrow

Damian Mason is an Agriculturist. His presentation is a fast -paced mix of Ag economist, futurist, talk show host, and comedian.

Damian addresses the "F" words of Agriculture: farming, food, fights, fair trade, foodies, feelings, food police, finance, and the future of our industry.

The program is constantly updated and customized to your particular segment of Agriculture.


My Background

Damian Mason is what happens when an entrepreneurial-minded, agriculturally educated businessperson collides with a comedian. He’s funny, he excels at business, he works like a farmer, and he possesses a keen sense of the marketplace.

Damian is a speaker, author, social commentator, and podcaster. He released his book April 2, 2019 – Do Business Better. It has received nothing but 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon’s review list.

Damian knows how to create a life and business by choice because he’s done it.  At age 25, he chucked his sales job with a Fortune 500 company to pursue greater compensation and creativity. It worked. Then his business struggled mightily. Damian reinvented himself. After several iterations and a few setbacks, his business thrived once again.

Damian speaks to corporations, associations, trade groups, and agricultural organizations. He delivers insights, information, and inspiration in an entertaining package.

Damian is a graduate of Purdue University in Agricultural Economics. He also studied comedy writing and improvisation at The Second City–Chicago. Damian is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the National Speakers Association, where he earned his designation of CSP.

When he’s not traveling for work, Damian can be found on his Indiana farm with his wife, Lori, or escaping from winter at their Arizona residence. Damian loves the outdoors, his wife, his dog, and his independence.


“Thank you for your informative and insightful presentation to our attendees at this year’s Executive Conference. We have received many compliments regarding your talk and appreciate the time and effort you put forth in helping to make our conference one of the most successful ever!”



“Thanks for joining us at our yearly “reunion”. I had nothing but positive comments on your presentation. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and the relevance of content to what is “front of mind” for many in the industry.”



“Great presentation! Your message was detailed enough to relate to, simple enough to follow, and broad enough to promote creative and outside the box thinking for everyone in the audience. Thank you very much for a wonderful presentation!”



“We received terrific feedback from your presentation at our conference. Thanks so much - it was great!”






Phoenix, Arizona


$7,000 - 10,000


Success and longevity depend on your ability to reinvent yourself, your brand and your business. Damian discusses the Traits, Habits and Actions to help you succeed.

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