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  1. The Secret Language of Influence
    The most neglected area of any training out there – influential language skills. This organic experience will serve you both professionally and personally.
  2. The One Sales Test You’re Guaranteed to Fail
    Great sales pros can answer and act on 3 quick questions. How will you do?
  3. The Ultimate Objection-Handling Tool
    Eliminate the biggest choke point in selling – buyer resistance - by building a customized model for your company. Especially critical for helping new hires to excel quickly.
  4. Pain vs. Gain – settling the oldest argument in selling
    Every organization should have two distinct approaches, based on how buyers are motivated to make decisions. Sound psychology married to smart selling.
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training or Ultimate Sales Training Experience
    A two-day workshop to help you build a world-class training program for your sales team. Past attendees have included a global list of top companies. (EXPAND + CATscan)
  6. The Top 3 (or 5) Things Sales Pros Need to Know
    Adapt the best of the best practices to improve sales team performance. Quick overview (keynote) or deep learning (training).
  7. One Great Opening is Worth 10,000 Closes
    If your people don’t open well, they’ll never get close to the close. The most revolutionary and potent sales strategy in the last 30 years!
  8. 1st Impressions for Sales Pros
    Based on research in social psychology, this fascinating program is built for networking and lead generation experiences. Assessment included, before and after – to measure improvement.
  9. The Excuse Elimination Diet
    Drawing from over 1,000 page and 70 research studies (some quite bizarre), this program can show your sales team members how to eliminate excuse-making in their lives. Your sales managers will be the first to notice the difference.
  10. Ultimate Questioning Skills / Tool
    Great sales pros are defined by their ability to ask great questions. In this experience, you’ll build a book of questions for every sales scenario, with the key focus on each sales person creating their 5 Power Questions.
  11. Lead Gen Genius
    Create a massive checklist of every possible opportunity to find new business. Plus critical coaching on eliminating sales managers’ #1 complaint – their reps don’t ask for enough referrals, from existing customers.
  12. Sales Training -- What’s Missing?
    Dan Seidman’s most wildly popular program at the ATD Global Training Conference. Discover 20+ new elements to add to your existing training, in order to help your sales pros attain selling nirvana.
  13. Stupid Pet Tricks for Sales Pros
    Discover some of the most unusual sales tactics ever devised. Be bold – if you’re brave enough to apply them - in this Master’s level program on language skills.
  14. Woody Allen for Sales Pros
    Who knew that comedians could contribute to our selling success? With the wit & wisdom of great jokes and one-liners, Dan Seidman will point you to some wisdom and insights on selling.
  15. Sales Autopsy!
    Drawing from the best of 600+ blunders, learn key best-selling practices. Includes the Confession Session with prizes for your team members brave enough to share their most embarrassing moments.
  16. Create Customized Conversations that Help Buyers to Buy
    Do you pitch everyone the same, sounding like every other salesperson hounding buyers, all day long? Your primary job is to distinguish yourself from the competition and in this program, you’ll find out what separates the top sales pros from the mediocre.
  17. The 800 Pound Lie of Guerrilla Marketing
    Do all the right things and buyers will come knocking on your door? Right, but what’s wrong is you need some selling skills to get them from Hello to YES! Heartily endorsed by my friend and Guerrilla Marketing Guru, Jay Conrad Levinson.

BONUS for ALL PROGRAMS -- Confession Session!
Fun, often hilarious experience where your team can share their stupid mistakes. These all become learning moments as Dan draws lessons and dishes out a variety of unique prizes (The Sales Comic Book, Revenge of the Reps video game and more).

All of these programs can be presented as a keynote or training experience. When you realize what an impact this can have on sales performance, you’ll want Dan to come and build these into your normal sales methodology. All guaranteed not to conflict or compete with your current systems.
                                     IT IS TIME TO REDESIGN!

Imagine elements of the latest and best training, layered into your existing methodology. Or, a short-cut, focus on gaps first and manage your selling system later. We find the best starting point is always to build out an Objection-Handling Tool. This is the biggest choke point in the sales process, affecting

Let’s talk! I am here for you. Dan@GotInfluenceInc.com or 1-847-359-7860



My Background

Married to a world-class leadership development expert and trainer who's products have generated over 50 million dollars globally. We were introduced when someone recognized that getting leadership and sales experts together was a good idea.

I'm also a World Masters Athlete with three Gold Medals in basketball playing for the US. The World Masters Games are Olympics for athletes over 35 years of age and are held every four years.

My role in life is to leave people in a better place than I found them. So in selling that means my job is performance improvement. Here's what's most important to know about that. The outcome of training should be BEHAVIOR CHANGE (not necessarily Learning Objectives). Who cares if we have the smartest sales pros on the planet, if they don't put what they've learned into practice. BEHAVIOR CHANGE is key!


I'm a member the Association for Talent Development, largest training organization in the world. I've spoken at the ATD global event many times. I've also designed their 14-module Sales Accelerators tool. I've also run a 2-day workshop, Ultimate Sales Training, where attendees learn how to upgrade their sales processes to incorporte the latest learning on buyer motivation and decision-making. Attendees included executives from Emirates Airlines, Bristol Myer Pharm, major insurance companies and more.

As a board member for Ekman International USA, I introducing to the US new learning experiences on reading emotions, truth and lie detection. The organization trains law enforcement everyone, including TSA, FBI, CIA, INTERPOL and Air Marshalls across the planet. My keynote on this, Read & React to Buyer's Emotions, is a highlly interactive and wildly entertaining experience where attendees are tested on reading faces (they fail), then coached what to see, then re-tested (huge score increases). 

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Globally recognized authority on selling and author of the 544-page encyclopedia of best-practices, The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training. Because of my body of work, I've been recognized as The Trainer to the World's Sales Trainer. I'm also a board member of Ekman International USA where we teach Truth & Lie Detection and Reading Emotions. Finally, I'm a 3X Gold Medalist in basketball for USA in the World Masters Games. Like all world-class athletes and sales pros, I hate losing more than I enjoy winning. Contact me today for a unique and useful keynote or training experience.

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