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Using the 1,000+ stories and case studies that he researched when writing his best-selling book, EDGY Conversations. Dan will captivate you with stories about the small city who stood up against the greatest king who had ever lived, how to run 100 miles when you're too tired to move, and how smart companies make millions more by being more valuable. No bullet points. No theories. No boring Powerpoints. Real talk from a guy who has helped the biggest companies in the world dominate their industry. Now it's time for you to do the exact same thing.


There are 6 key lessons that all high performers in business, math, sports, science, and politics have learned to get to that point in their life and career. In our time together we'll explore:

  • The superpower of outworking everyone else around you
  • Why being weird is essential to massive long terms progress
  • How to use the right technology to get what you want
  • Why you should say "NO" more often to yourself
  • How to be so valuable people can't live without you
  • The toughness you need to develop to stay focused

Whether it is a 45-minute keynote as part of your company's annual sales kick-off or a 3-hour working session with your senior leadership team at a retreat, Dan will inspire you to think differently—and be awesome.

My Background

Instigator. Inspirator.

Company Name: The EDGY Empire Jul 2006 – Present

Location: Greenville, SC

The Wall Street Journal calls my EDGY CONVERSATIONS blog "one of the business blogs anywhere." Instead of teaching you new "tricks", I dive beneath the surface to see what really motivates you. It's a frank look at pain, fear, loss, and the "human" elements that drive who we are. If you are looking to change, then join the conversation. Stay edgy. Be awesome.


"Dan was incredible! He was entertaining, motivational, and he connects his stories to thoughtful and actionable takeaways that the audience valued. After his keynote there was a huge line to meet him and get his book signed. In fact, the audience raved about him so much we called him back and asked him to keynote our next event too! We have hosted hundreds of speakers through the years and Dan was the highest rated we have ever had.”

- Jared Hamilton, CEO Driving Sales

“If want an inspiring, energetic, and dynamic keynote speaker to address your leadership development needs, I highly encourage you to consider Dan Waldschmidt. You will not be disappointed.”

- Dr. Holly Coutier - Executive Director, Maine Principals Association

"Dan is an active, persuasive and inspiring leader, who can in a few minutes change people's energy and attitude, driving teams to perform better and achieve great results"

- Catherin Ospina - Managing Director America Empresarial



Greenville, South Carolina


Available Upon Request


I have spent my life attempting (and often achieving) the outrageous. I refuse to accept business as usual – making me an unconventional, yet highly effective, consultant to some of the world’s largest companies. II provide valuable insight to help attendees succeed in all areas -- personal & professional -- because business problems are really people problems. I speak to empower attendees with the focus, insight and accountability they need to achieve the consistent results they demand. I show audiences the very same strategies, tools and methods developed and utilized by “the world’s most unlikely high performers." The stories I share of ordinary humans achieving outrageous success will enliven each member of the audience to launch an extraordinary life both personally and professionally.

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